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Strawberry Plant Park’s new beach takes shape

I stopped by Strawberry Plant Park today to check the progress of the beach restoration project.

The bulkhead, jetty and other remnants of the site’s industrial past have been removed, making way for a gradually sloping beach.

Once the project is completed by the year’s end, the city will transfer the property to the Bainbridge park district.

See a few more photos HERE.

Power and parks

In case you missed it, the city (again) opted to keep moving forward with its plan for Strawberry Plant Park. A property dispute has forced the city to shave a 10-foot-wide strip off the park’s beach restoration area. It’s not a big change, city staff say, but the dispute re-sparked debate over whether the plan should be carried out. Read more HERE.

Also this week, the city, Puget Sound Energy and citizen groups continued to work on ways to reduce the island’s energy dependence and the need for high-capacity power lines and a new substation. More on that HERE.

New poll: Would you support a $20 car tab fee?

What do you think of the proposed car tab fee winding its way through Bainbridge City Hall? Would the $20 per vehicle per year be too much of a burden in these hard economic times, or is the annual $440,000 for roads worth the cost?

Place your vote at the poll on the right side of the screen.

For more on the car tab fee proposal, click here.

As for our last poll about the future of Strawberry Plant Park, the final result was close.

57 percent (21 voters) supported the city’s shoreline restoration and park development plan.

43 percent (16 voters) said the city should leave the shore as-is and ask for more public input.

If you didn’t catch it, the latest news with the park is that the city hearing examiner tossed out an appeal of the city’s plan. To read more on that, click here.

New poll: Should the Strawberry Plant Park plan go forward?

What do you think of the city’s plans for Strawberry Plant Park?

Should the largely grant-funded effort to reshape the Eagle Harbor park’s shoreline go forward?

Or should the city send the $600,000 grant back to the state and reconsider some of the varied concerns islanders have raised about the park’s redevelopment and possible uses?

You can vote on the new poll over to the right.

Need to brush up on the issue before casting your vote? Check out the stories below.

Land Acquisition Just the First Step for Bainbridge, Park District Planners, Nov. 2008

Some on Bainbridge See History Being Removed Along With Pilings, Feb. 2009

Bainbridge Decides to Go With Natural Look for New Park, Feb. 2009

Bainbridge Council Accepts Grants for Strawberry Plant Park Work, July 2009

Look below for a map showing what the park may look like after the city’s portion of the redevelopment is completed.

(As for the last poll, in which 93 responses were logged, 43 percent felt former mayor Darlene Kordonowy’s role in regional boards should be minimized, 32 percent said she should be allowed to continue serving on the boards, and 23 percent opted to leave the decision to the City Council.)

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