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Concrete poured into Island Gateway storm drain

A construction manager at the Island Gateway development says concrete powder was deliberately dumped into one of the site’s stormwater drains.

According to police reports, the manager found the drain, which sits about 50 feet north of Winslow Way, clogged with hardened concrete on Tuesday morning. The concrete was caught in a drain “sock” where it hardened into a large block, police said. The drain flows directly into Eagle Harbor.

The manager said no concrete powder was being stored at the work site at the time of the dumping.

The manager told police that the incident could have been “damaging” to his company. Had state environmental regulators seen the concrete, the company likely would have been fined, he said.

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Winslow Way project gets a multi-million dollar surprise from the state

The city of Bainbridge earned a $3.5 million state grant that will pay for almost 30 percent of a major road and utilities project planned for Winslow’s main street.

Awarded this week by the state Transportation Improvement Board, the money will fund the surface portions of the larger $12.3 million project, including new bicycle lanes, wider sidewalks and road repairs on Winslow Way.

The grant amount exceeded expectations, said Deputy Planning Director Chris Wierzbicki.

“We were trying to be conservative so we thought maybe we’d get one million dollars,” he said. “But now we have three and a half million, so that’s really good.”

The grant’s unexpected bulk means the city can shave off about $1.5 million in bond funding budgeted for the project. The city will see additional cost savings by not having to pay an annual $150,000 in bond-related debt payments over 20 years, Wierzbicki said.

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