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LA Times writer who called us “snow wimps” is actually a Bainbridge Islander

Locals fumed over the headline.

“Snow wimps: Seattle is shut down by first real snow of the season,” read a Wednesday blog post in the Los Angeles Times’ Nation Now section.

Being called a wimp is bad enough, but what made it worse was that it came from LA, a place where the biggest weather danger is easily overcome with sunscreen.

Kim Murphy

“Why ya gotta hate?” @SEASteph1327 tweeted in response to the LA Times post. “Jealous we’re still happier?”

Kim Murphy, the Times reporter who wrote the story, was quick to respond.

“I don’t hate! I moved here didn’t I?” she tweeted back.

That’s right – the one who taunted us is one of us.

Murphy lives on Bainbridge Island and serves as the Times’ Northwest correspondent.

In her post, she called Seattle a “clueless” city that “always marches unarmed in its infrequent battles with snow.”

The region’s snow wimps do so, Murphy wrote, in “politically correct small cars” that spend the morning “sliding ineffectually.”

Then, with their wimpy cars quietly gathering snowflakes, snow wimps quickly forget all about being productive at work. They retreat into snow wimp pursuits, like sledding, coffee drinking and book reading.

Murphy was a guest on KUOW this morning for a discussion about her snow wimp topic.

She complained about being “severely abused” by the region’s snow wimps after her post went up.

Fortunately for Murphy, snow wimp abuse is limited to icy emails.

“I can’t tell you how much hate mail I’ve received,” she told KUOW host David Hyde.

Apparently, the snow wimps have had an impact.

Murphy softened her stance, saying she wrote the post when the snowfall was relatively light. Now that a few inches have settled in, we have cause for wimping out.

“Today is a very serious situation,” she said. “It’s with freezing rain and ice and snow on ice …. it’s just been really bad. Everybody’s allowed to be a wimp when it’s like that.”

Snow blankets Bainbridge Island

Almost five inches of snow blanketed the island on Wednesday, shutting down schools, cancelling city meetings and keeping many slick roads clear of traffic.

As of 5 p.m., the Bainbridge Island Fire Department had responded to just three weather-related calls.

“People stayed indoors and limited their driving, and I think that helped,” Fire Chief Hank Teran said.

The only reported vehicle accident was a Tuesday night rollover on New Brooklyn Road. The family inside the vehicle suffered no injuries, according to Bainbridge police.

Teran said someone suffered a fractured ankle due to a snow-related fall.

Firefighters responded to a report of power lines down on Lafayette Avenue.

No significant power outages were reported, and no roads were closed.

Teran said the department was bracing itself for the evening commute, when driving conditions could be more difficult.

A light dusting of snow is predicted for late Thursday morning.

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Marshall: ‘A love-hate relationship with snow’

Islander columnist Becky Fox Marshall explores the pleasures and pain of snow days on Bainbridge.

What is it about snow that makes us shop like it’s the end of the world? What is about snow that makes us want it so badly, then detest it so completely?

The snow that defined this Christmas season revealed two significant things about myself (and I bet I’m not alone) – when it’s not falling, I feel cheated and when it is falling, I’m freaked out. Bottom line: I’m never quite satisfied.

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Snow and blackouts are only the latest problems for Winslow merchants

Doug Tolliver, a “A Shovel 4 Hire,” escorts a Winslow shopper over an icy crosswalk on Monday. Find more photos here

Shoppers squinted and blinked as they entered Lindsleys clothing store on Monday afternoon.

Somewhere among the darkened clothing racks Tom Lindsley was voicing a welcome to them. Most customers needed a few seconds to let their eyes adjust from the glare of Winslow’s snowy streets to the dim of the unlit store.

“Right now all we have is daylight,” said Lindsley, who co-owns the 17-year-old store store with his wife. “And a few flashlights people will hopefully use.”

Lindsleys was one of many downtown shops already struggling under a sluggish economy. The winter snow storm and resulting power outage made a bad situation worse.

And while the Christmas season was anticipated as a happy ending to a tough year, many stores found the snow kept many holiday spenders at home.

“The combination of the weather and the economy really makes things messy,” Lindsley said. “It hurts a lot. Our (sales) are way down. And we’ll have to close early because it’s getting harder to see in here.”

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Clearing roads, restoring power

Crews were working overtime during the weekend and on Monday morning to clear snow-laden roads and restore power to over 3,000 darkened homes.

Puget Sound Energy notified Bainbridge Island Police on Monday that four repair crews would soon be joined by teams searching for downed power lines, fallen branches and other problems causing blackouts around the island.

Parts of Winslow lost power at around 5 p.m. on Sunday while surrounding areas flickered out on Monday morning. By the afternoon, a handful of downtown businesses found power restored, only to lose it hours later.

Bainbridge City Hall, which opened two-hours late on Monday, was without power all day. Many staff relied on the light coming in through windows to do their work.

Bainbridge police were inundated with calls over the weekend and on Monday to assist motorists struggling with snowy conditions.

“A lot of people are getting themselves stuck or are sliding off the roads,” Police Chief Matt Haney said.

Haney predicted driving conditions would worsen on Monday night.

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A walk into Winslow

Made the hike into Winslow this afternoon. Downtown was a lot more friendly and slow-paced today than it was on Saturday, when the hordes descended on T&C and Safeway to gather survival gear (and last-minute Christmas presents) in preparation for the Snowpocalypse.

If you’ve not yet emerged from your bunker, you can check out my tour of Winslow by visiting my new Picasa page.

Expect semi-regular updates on Picasa as I post photos related to island news stories.

City Hall and court closed

Bainbridge City Hall was closed at 11:30 a.m. today due to the snow. The municipal court is also closed.

City road crews and other essential services are still in operation.

“Maintenance crews are hard at work sanding and plowing roadways, and the police department has additional officers standing by in case they are needed as the day continues,” said City Administrator Mark Dombroski. “We encourage residents to stay off the roadways if at all possible, and to take extra safety precautions such as using chains and carrying an emergency kit with flares and blankets.”

For updated listings on road closures, visit the city’s website at www.ci.bainbridge-isl.wa.us. County-wide road closures are posted here.

Additional information is available at the city’s emergency phone line, 842-7633.

Snow day

The snow’s coming down thick here at the Kitsap Sun’s island outpost.

School’s out. Library’s closed. City meetings are called off.

But the snowman making contest is on. Starts at 2 p.m. at Ericksen Park (between Ericksen Ave and Hildebrand Lane).

Avoid these roads on your way to the contest:

-Bucklin Hill Road between Eagle Harbor Drive and Lynwood Center Road.
-Koura Road between Highway 305 and Meadowmeer Circle.
-Valley Road at Park Hill Place.

If you aren’t up to a making your own Parson Brown, you can read the Sun story about the icy sabotage at the Bainbridge school district bus barn, and the angry, angry comments that follow. But why do that when the snow’s falling?

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