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Police blotter: McDonald’s employee threatens Dane Cook impersonators


In this week’s blotter, a fed-up employee at the Bainbridge Island McDonald’s threatened to shoot up the car of his teen tormentors.

Police say the two Bainbridge teens were doing a rendition of comedian Dane Cook’s Burger King drive-through routine (see it here). Repeating the comedian’s words, the kids uttered the word “pickles” in a “funny voice” several times into the drive-through speaker. The employee, a Suquamish resident, didn’t think it was so funny. He asked the kids to pull forward and talk face-to-face but the teens backed out of the drive-through line and began making fun of the employee in the parking lot. That’s around the time the employee dropped a one-liner about killing their car.

Also this week, a woman’s stolen sailboat returns after a brutal Alaskan adventure. Read on for more.

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