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No foul play found in woman’s disappearance from ferry

State Patrol detectives have determined there was no indication of any criminal activity associated with the disappearance of Bellevue resident Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz from a Bainbridge-bound ferry Jan. 13.

At the end of January, the Stafford-Yilmaz’s husband told friends and co-workers he believed she had committed suicide, stating she left a note indicating she had decided to end her life.

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Woman missing from ferry may have killed herself

The Bellevue woman who went missing aboard a Bainbridge-bound ferry earlier this month may have killed herself, her husband said in an email to her work colleagues.

The Seattle Times reported today that Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz’s co-workers at Bellevue Community College, where Stafford-Yilmaz taught English, received an e-mail from her husband noting that she had “decided to end her life” before embarking on her late-night trip to Bainbridge.

A friend of Stafford-Yilmaz forwarded to the Times an e-mail from Mustafa Yilmaz that, in part, read: “Considering the situation, the note she left behind and the evidence, her family believes that Lynn decided to end her life that night. This was very unexpected for all of us.”

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