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City dumps its attorney to save on legal expenses

In a surprise move, the city cut its staff attorney position to reduce its legal expenses.

The job was created in 2005 to save the city money, tackle internal legal issues and stem the growing number of lawsuits against the city.

The city’s legal woes don’t seem to have abated much (see Bainbridge Ratepayers Alliance lawsuit), but the city has a perhaps bigger challenge: sharply declining revenues and a nearly empty bank account.

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That check in the mail from BI lawyers may be legit

The Tri-City Herald is reporting that letters and checks sent to Washington consumers from Bainbridge-based Williamson and Williams Lawyers are legitimate.

Some have wondered if the checks, which are part of a settlement, may be a scam.

Not true, according to the Better Business Bureau.

As the Herald reports, the law firm was involved in a number of cases brought against companies that made illegal “robo-calls” or sent junk faxes.

Some consumers may receive a check even if they didn’t file a complaint.

To validate a check’s legitimacy, call Williamson and Williams at (206) 780-4447.