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Bob Bosserman withdraws from Bainbridge City Council race

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND — Bob Bosserman is withdrawing his candidacy for Bainbridge Island City Council.

Bosserman announced his decision in a statement Friday. The former Utility Advisory Committee member was running against Roger Townsend and Dee McComb for the South Ward position. Bosserman is now endorsing Townsend for the post. In his statement, Bosserman said he believes Townsend shares his “progressive and environmental” principles.

The South Ward position is currently held by Kirsten Hytopoulos, who is not seeking reelection. Hytopoulos is Bosserman’s niece by marriage.

Gun control resolution on City Council agenda

Update: The city passed the resolution Wednesday with a vote of 5-1. David Ward voted against. Steve Bonkowski was absent. 

The City Council will decide Wednesday whether to add its voice to the national conversation on gun control.

The council is set to consider a resolution advocating the reinstatement of a federal ban on assault weapons, a federal ban of high-capacity ammunition clips, and state and federal legislation requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales. You can read the full resolution here.


If approved, the resolution will be sent to the island’s state and congressional representatives. It would not change any regulations within the city.

Councilwoman Kirsten Hytopoulos introduced the resolution after hearing from islanders about a need to take action on gun violence issues in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. school shooting. A number of cities have passed similar resolutions, she said.

“I feel pretty confident in the values of the community and what I’ve heard,” Hytopoulos said at a Jan. 9 council meeting. “I feel pretty comfortable bringing this forward, I think it’s not considered controversial by most in this community.”

The council will also consider a resolution supporting a countywide tax to pay for mental health and chemical dependency treatment programs, and a resolution endorsing a letter by regional mayors advocating increased transportation funding at the state level.

The council will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall.

Bainbridge Sportsmen’s Club President Alan Kasper distributed an open letter to the council detailing his stance on the issue. You can read Kasper’s letter here (PDF), and feel free to offer your own thoughts in the comment section.

Photo: Sharla Musabih of North Kitsap holds a candle at a prayer vigil organized at Battle Point Park Dec. 15, in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. shooting. (Tad Sooter photo)

The video that (sort of) inspired Bainbridge’s proposed bag ban

Mayor Kirsten Hytopoulos wants Bainbridge to be the fifth city in the state to ban plastic bags.

Read all about it here.

Hytopoulos plans to make a formal proposal shortly after the largely new City Council reconvenes early next month.

Her proposal is patterned after the one the Seattle City Council unanimously approved on Monday, and follows similar bans passed by Bellingham, Mukilteo and Edmonds. She’s also working with Environment Washington, the group that helped pass the Seattle ban, and Town & Country Market, which has been promoting reusable bags for years.

But the inspiration for Hytopoulos’ proposal came – at least in small part – from a viral Heal the Bay-produced mockumentary. Entitled the “Majestic Plastic Bag,” the short video (above) follows the lifespan of a plastic bag as it completes its migration from a grocery store parking lot to the Texas-size wad of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean.

“It’s horrible and it’s funny,” Hytopoulos said. “I may try to get the council to bear with me and watch it.”

UPDATED: Hytopoulos first out of the gate in City Council races

Kirsten Hytopoulos
Kirsten Hytopoulos
Community activist Kirsten Hytopoulos announced today she will run for the South Ward City Council seat currently held by Chris Snow.

Hytopoulos, a 39-year-old Blakely Court resident, is the first candidate to formally announce a bid for one of the three council positions slated for November’s ballot. Her announcement was followed by information posted on the Kitsap County Auditor’s website that Bill Point resident Tim Jacobsen is also running for the South Ward position. More on his candidacy later.

Hytopoulos’ community activism has focused on environmental and city financial issues.

“With a new form of government and a community looking for positive change, we have a unique opportunity to create a responsive and responsible city government that reflects our community’s core values,” Hytopoulos said in a statement. “It’s time to recommit our city government to the community’s shared vision, which includes preserving our unique island character and way of life while living within our means, fiscally and environmentally.”

Hytopoulos is the founder of the Green Voices for Bainbridge Island Internet site and was a co-founder of the Save Winslow Way Coalition, a group concerned about future development on downtown’s main thoroughfare.

She was also active with the a group advocating the city’s recent switch to a council-manager form of government.

Hytopoulos is self-described full-time mother of three. She has worked as a prosecuting attorney in Seattle and taught college-level criminal justice in Bangor and Whidbey Island.

Snow, who was elected unopposed almost four years ago, has not decided if he’ll seek reelection.