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Letter: Don’t destroy Bainbridge Island’s historic homes

The city has given final approval for the demolition of the historic home at 216 Ericksen Avenue. A group of islanders submitted a letter to the Sun calling on the newly empowered City Council to ensure buildings of historic value do not meet the same fate. The letter is below.

On the July 1, the City of Bainbridge Island officially approved the demolition of a building designated as one of the “Most Endangered Historic Properties” by the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.

The house, at 216 Ericksen Avenue, is one of seven historic homes still standing on that street where shipyard workers once lived in the early 1900s. The distinctive architecture of this contiguous row of houses, along with its history, has been a source of enjoyment and education for both residents and tourists. The demolition of this historic house portends the eventual demolition of several others.

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