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Video: South Ward council candidates’ editorial board interview

Look below for the South Ward City Council candidates’ visit to the Kitsap Sun’s editorial board on Wednesday. Candidates Curt Winston, Tim Jacobsen and Kirsten Hytopoulos responded to questions about the city’s budget, why they moved to the island, how to increase city revenues and their impressions of the Island Gateway project.

Kitsap Sun backs BI’s mayor form of government

The Sun’s editorial board urged Bainbridge voters to stick with the city’s existing form of government.

According to the board, City Hall’s problems are rooted in personalities, the economy and divergent agendas rather than the city’s system of government.

“In our view the current situation is at the heart a personality conflict among elected officials and, at times, interest groups on the island. Conflicts are exacerbated now by a falling economy and incredibly unstable city budget. But relationship problems aren’t enough to justify a complete overhaul of government.”

Read the full editorial here.

Islanders will vote on May 19 on whether to eliminate the city’s elected mayor position and replace it with a hired manager under the authority of the City Council.