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Ten-day City Hall closure approved

The City Council this morning approved a 10-day City Hall closure agreement with the city workers’ union.

The nonconsecutive furlough days are expected to save the city about $370,000 next year, and will help the city stave off another round of job cuts. Employees will receive no pay during furlough.

“This is the creative kind of problem-solving we need,” Councilwoman Hilary Franz said after the agreement was unanimously approved.

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Deputy police chief retires early

The Bainbridge Island Police Department’s first ever deputy chief will retire a year earlier than anticipated so he and his family can move to the east side of the state.

Deputy Chief Mark Duncan will end his 30-year career in law enforcement on Tuesday when he takes a nearly two-month leave of absence before his official retirement in late November.

“We plan to move east of the mountains, and that isn’t an easy commute in the winter time,” Duncan said. “I’m retiring because we’re moving out of the area, and so I’m (leaving) a year before I normally would.”

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