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Internationally recognized composer set for Bainbridge homecoming

Composer  and musician Jherek Bischoff has played concerts at some of the nation’s most venerable venues (Lincoln Center most recently). But he’ll give one of the most meaningful performances of his career Friday at Bainbridge Performing Arts.

The island concert marks a homecoming for Bischoff, who first took to the stage in Bainbridge High School and BPA musicals. Since then he’s released an acclaimed album of orchestral music and toured internationally.

Bischoff took the time to respond to a few questions by email this week for a Kitsap Sun/Bainbridge Islander story. Here’s what he had to say about the Bainbridge concert: Continue reading

Police blotter: Woman escorted from symphony after yelling “Boring!”


Police removed a woman from a symphony performance after she yelled “Boring!” and then refused to leave. The woman’s teenage daughter was one of the symphony’s musicians.

Also this week, a woman busted open her husband’s lip with a beer bottle, a woman got her leg trapped between two taxis and police were called to a rowdy Winslow bar twice in one night.

The blotter is below.

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Sage staying put, Rolfes backs gay marriage

Sage fly fishing
Sage is sticking around

Head over here to read my Sunday story about Sage, an iconic fly fishing rod manufacturer that was founded on Bainbridge 30 years ago.

Sage is a bit of a rarity on Bainbridge. It’s a company that makes things – real things that you can actually hold in your hands.

And despite the challenges of manufacturing on Bainbridge (let alone the United States), Sage says it’s staying put. Sage may, in time, move its distribution wing, but the hands-on work of making high-end rods will remain on Day Road.

Even if that happens, Sage will probably remain the island’s largest private employer. Sage has 180 people working for it; the runner-up, Messenger House, has just under 100.

Gay marriage
Bainbridge Rep. Christine Rolfes and other Kitsap legislators are throwing their support behind a gay marriage bill. It appears to be gaining momentum in Olympia.

Lock your doors
Several unlocked homes were burglarized in the Commodore neighborhood this week. Police are urging islanders to lock their homes at night and when they are not at home.

Ah, Bainbridge
The romance of Bainbridge Island was mentioned in an MSN article about love-inspiring destinations.

BPA minds its manners
Kitsap Sun arts reporter Michael C. Moore has a story on Bainbridge Performing Arts’ ‘Philadelphia Story.’

“…there is much to be taken from Barry’s comedy of manners — make that a mannered comedy, if you will — including witty dialogue, classic screwball plot machinations and a pointed observation or three about the social upper-crust: mainly, why we less crusty folk are so enamored of it,” Moore writes.

Read more here.

BPA has ambitious aims with ‘Grapes of Wrath’

Photo: Bainbridge Performing ArtsBainbridge Performing Arts’ upcoming production of Grapes of Wrath is going to be big.

Big for BPA, at least.

Considered a departure from its usual smaller, community theater-scale productions, BPA’s Grapes of Wrath will do its darndest to encapsulate John Steinbeck’s epic Dustbowl tale.

“It’s a big show,” Director Kate Carruthers said in Kitsap Sun story about the play. “There’s — what — 27 actors and musicians, lots of people and music. I know the last thing I did was (Yasmina Reza’s) ‘Art,’ with a cast of three.”

And some of the cast members are doing double, triple, quadruple duty to fill out the array of characters that pop in and out of the Steinbeck’s 1939 novel.

I recently ran into local author and super nice guy George Shannon, who has volunteered his talents for the play.

“What part are you?” I asked him.

“I play seven,” he said.

“Uh….who?” I asked

“I play seven parts.”

“Which one’s the biggest?”

“Well…one of my parts dies at the end…”

I’m a little more than halfway thought the book right now, so I asked George to reveal no more. I should be ready for George’s death scene by opening day, March 19.

For more about BPA’s Grapes of Wrath, check out Michael C. Moore’s story.