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4th of July parade celebrates BI teen’s energy independence

Mark King and his electric car
Mark King and his electric car
Look below for my story about a recent Bainbridge High School grad’s homemade electric car.

Mark King’s face lights up at the opportunity to share his leather-bound book of inventions.

Barefooted and sleepy-eyed after a late morning wake-up call, the newly-minted Bainbridge High School graduate quickly pages through diagrams and descriptions, eventually coming upon his first jet pack.

“I made that in 10th grade,” he said, pointing to a photo of himself with a collection of tubes and wires strapped to his back. “It didn’t work.”

He turns the page to show off a more streamlined version.

“This one worked, but not well enough.”

It produced 132.6 pounds of thrust, which wasn’t quite enough to rocket him across the island to school in the morning.

He’s tried his hand at several other contraptions: an electric skateboard, a hybrid gas-electric motorcycle, even a steel-framed helicopter.

But it was his desire for a better way to get to school that pushed him toward his masterwork.

“When I went to register at school for a parking spot, they told me it would be $240 for the year,” he said, noting that previous year’s fee was just $70. “They told me the reason was that they wanted us to carpool and be more green. So I thought ‘how green can I be?'”

That very same day, King began work on what would become a fully electric car. Built from scratch, the car’s construction followed only the blueprints that appeared in his mind.

“I went home, thought about a car and just did it, I guess, through trial and error,” King said while standing among drills, cables, sanders and welding equipment in his parents’ garage – a place that was long ago taken over by his projects.

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Bainbridge High graduation gallery

Check out photographer Steve Zugschwerdt’s photo gallery of Bainbridge High School’s 2009 graduation ceremony by clicking here. Lots of photos there.

This year’s batch of grads numbered 365.

The average GPA was a sturdy 3.2

Forty-two grads were National Honor Society members.

Valedictorians were Nathan Abrams, Donna Horning, Ariana Mann, Charlie Reis, Cara Thompson, Jessica Vincent and Abigail Wyatt.

“One team, one island, one goal”

baseballoneteamoneislandbannerThe Bainbridge High School baseball team is two wins away from its first state championship.

“Absolutely, it’s been a total community effort,” coach Jayson Gore told Sun sports reporter Terry Mosher. “It has been for (at least) 10 years. Just everybody has helped out. Our kids help out, parents, parents in the past, kids in the past keep coming back. They all want to see the program going in the right direction.”

The team wears custom T-shirts depicting the island with an arrow pointing toward Safeco Field. That’s where the Spartans play today at 1 p.m. against top-ranked Timberline High School.

Read more about the team’s final push for the title here.

TV in the newspaper

The Kitsap Sun is arming its photographers and reporters with cameras these days. That’s old news for folks that live on the mighty mainland, where everything from windy weather to school board meetings have been captured by Sun videographers. Lately, though, Sun photographer Carolyn Yaschur has made treks across Agate Pass with her camcorder in hand.

Here’s Carolyn’s video tour of Bainbridge High School’s new earth-friendly 200 Building:

And here’s a nice little piece on Sunday’s mochi festival:

You can read my stories about the 200 Building here, and my coverage of the mochi festival here.

Students fess up to track vandalism

Two high school students have been arrested following weekend vandalism to the new Bainbridge High School track, according to the Bainbridge Island Police Department.

A 16-year-old Bainbridge student came forward to police today and said he was involved with the vandalism, in which the suspects dragged a piece of machinery behind a motorized cart, causing about $20,000 in damages to the track.

With the 16-year-old’s information, police then interviewed a 15-year-old Bainbridge High School student, who was allegedly found to be riding aboard the cart during the vandalism.

Police learned the driver of the cart was allegedly a 16-year-old North Kitsap High School student.

Officers took the NK student and the 15-year-old Bainbridge student to the Kitsap County Juvenile Detention Center on suspicion of first-degree malicious mischief. They allowed the 16-year-old who reported the vandalism to go home with his parents, pending his own possible charges.

Police are still asking anyone with information about the vandalism to call (206) 842-5211.

Vandals cause $20,000 damage to new high school track

Vandals dragged machinery across the newly installed Bainbridge High School track sometime over the weekend, causing $20,000 worth of damage, according to police and district officials.

Police went to the school Saturday and found that a motorized cart brought on site by contractors had been driven across the track with a piece of equipment dragging behind it.

The equipment was not on wheels and appears to have bounced along, causing dozens of divots ranging in size from six inches to a foot in diameter. The track surface, a spongy rubber material, was not fully firm when the vandals struck.

The artificial turf field nearby did not appear to have been damaged. The stadium was encircled by an 8-foot-high chain-link fence covered in plastic sheeting. A second, 3-foot-high chain link fence was around the track.

School district spokeswoman Pam Keyes said the vandalism could delay the track’s use into spring.

Head football coach Andy Grimm said the incident went “beyond a high school prank.”

“We’re very frustrated,” Grimm said as BHS football players drilled on a grass field outside the stadium. “From a coach’s perspective, we’re looking at a beautiful facility, so it’s hard to imagine a person doing something like this.

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She can swim…but can she dance?

You may have heard of Emily Silver. You may have heard she is quite the swimmer. Maybe you even saw her on television winning an Olympic medal in Beijing. “Not bad,” you might have thought. But the burning question remained: Can she dance? More specifically, can she disco dance to ABBA in golden bell bottoms?

Silver answered that question Thursday, and the Sun was there to cover it. Click here for the Kitsap Sun’s multimedia coverage of Silver’s triumphant return to Bainbridge High School, including a story, a video (with dancing), and a slideshow of her Beijing exploits.

If that’s not enough Silver, click here for a story in today’s paper about Silver’s nomination for a top swimming honor.

A more homey Homecoming dance

Forget the tux, the corsage, the fancy dinner – heck, even a date for this year’s Homecoming dance.

Bainbridge High School is taking a stripped-down, casual approach to Friday night’s Homecoming festivities to attract more students to an increasingly desolate dance floor.

“Students were intimidated because they had to dress up and because everything had become fancy,” Principal Brent Peterson said. “We want this to be more accessible to get a more diverse, inclusive group.”

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