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Bainbridge’s union blues and other notes

City breaks state labor laws?
The fight between the city and its union workers is heating up. The union, after having filed a grievance over layoffs earlier this month, is now claiming that the city violated state labor laws.

Read more here about how the layoffs went down, and why the union thinks the city will have to give a lot of that $2 million it got from Washington State Ferries to pay laid-off workers.

County Commissioner Clarence?
In other news, islander Clarence Moriwaki is one of five candidates vying for a soon-to-be-open Kitsap County commission seat. He aims to replace Commissioner Steve Bauer, who is stepping down. Moriwaki has been a radio news reporter, a spokesman for Gov. Mike Lowry, a Tukwila City Council member and a regional office manager for U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee. Recently, he was Kitsap County’s public information officer and helped lead the development of the Japanese-American memorial on Bainbridge Island. He was a finalist for Bauer’s commissioner position when he was appointed in 2007.

Bailey Manor open for business
A reader asked me to check in on Bailey Manor, the adult care facility that raised a ruckus in the Commodore neighborhood back in October.

Well, despite opposition from neighbors, the business did open in December, and now has two live-in clients and four employees.

“There’s no more signs in the yards, no more theatrics, no more drama,” co-owner Marti Bailey said this morning. “We’re just trying to be good neighbors.”

She even got a wave recently from a neighbor who had been opposed to the facility.

Marshall: Neighborhoods shouldn’t fear the elderly

Islander columnist Becky Fox Marshall shares her thoughts on some of October’s more infamous Bainbridge news items, including the flare up over an elderly care facility in the Commodore neighborhood.

Bainbridge Island got a lot of bad publicity in October – and that was before the tragic police shooting.

A 28-year-old islander accused of armed robbery crashed through a roadblock and was the object of a manhunt in Mason County in which a sheriff’s deputy was shot in the leg. News reports stated the wound may have been caused by a ricochet, but still, we’re talking flying bullets.

Three island men were arrested in connection with a string of burglaries on the north end – with a few felony warrants and heroin thrown in. All of the burglaries occurred late at night while people were home, often while they were asleep. Scary!

There were multiple drunk driving arrests, a bloody fight at a gas station, and a standoff between a 73-year-old man with a crow bar and his 25-year-old tenant, who was armed with a gun. Unloaded, but scary nonetheless.

There were at least three dog attacks – at Fort Ward State Park, Grand Avenue and Foster Road.

You had a guy apparently shooting a gun near two child-care centers who was actually angry when the cops showed up in response to calls.

Oh yeah, and a bicycle rider punched some pedestrian along Manitou Beach Drive – surely there is more to THAT story.

But perhaps the most troubling story to come out of October was the strident and frankly shocking reaction of some neighbors to an adult care facility on Whited Place in the Commodore Lane neighborhood. It was troubling enough for the local Fox News crew to show up.
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