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Flying over Kitsap: More comments and more flight tracks

blog.skinny.Traffic From Other Airports

We received a lot of feedback after my story on increased air traffic over Bainbridge ran earlier this month.

I’ve reached out to FAA and King County International Airport officials to get a more complete picture of air traffic in the area, and I’ll post whatever information they provide. In the meantime, I’ll share some of the additional reader input and flight track graphics we’ve received.

Comments posted in response to the story online were mostly of the “those islanders always find something to complain about” variety, but I also heard from a number of Bainbridge and North Kitsap residents who had concerns and observations regarding airplane noise. Here’s a sampling:

“In the twelve years we have lived here, this past summer is the first time we have been bothered by the noise. As I noted, this year the frequency of the flights has increased greatly and the planes are flying at lower altitudes than in previous years.” – Kathy, south Kingston

“My concern is these flights are too low for one thing.  At night the strobe lights up my back yard on approach as I’m on a hill and I know the plane is closer than 2,000 ft at my house off Eagle Harbour.  I believe our senator and US Congress reps should be involved but it’s King County Airport where the flights are coming in over my area.” – Jim, Bainbridge Island Continue reading