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4 thoughts on “Bainbridge’s first retail pot shop opened

  1. The store looks great! It will be nice not to have to drive way out past Port Townsend or go over to Seattle. The one way up North on the peninsula doesn’t have enough security, and the ones in Seattle can seem dodgy. Will definitely be looking forward to seeing their pricing and quality of product and knowledge. It is regrettable, though, that there is a lack of edibles.

    1. Hello Lisa,

      I believe we have some of the lowest prices in all of Kitsap county! Don’t be fooled by the decor we have $8 gms and $199 ounces! We have a huge selection of edibles! We just are being a bit more selective on how on packaging. For instance I have the cheapest 100 mg of pure indica or Sativa tincture activated. Also us activated so you can bake your own. Come on in. I am sure it will be a pleasant surprise.

  2. Great to see they carry Ethos Extracts! Love all their products. Space looks great and it’s wonderful to have on the island.

  3. Not sure why the articles all say no candy edibles, when they carry Zoots. I hear they are great, can’t wait to try them. Just feel like the information out there should be accurate.

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