Who is running for reelection?

Bainbridge Island City Council members Anne Blair and Steve Bonkowski have announced they will not be running for reelection this fall. Each have served one four-year term.

Council members Sarah Blossom and Michael Scott said they anticipate filing for reelection. The deadline to file is May 15.

Scott was appointed to the council this year after Councilman David Ward resigned as part of a public records lawsuit against the city.

A Kitsap County Superior Court judge ruled last year that Bainbridge city officials didn’t perform an “adequate” search for public records documents on Bonkowski’s and Ward’s personal computers.

Bonkowski said his decision not to run had nothing to do with the lawsuit, and he was not seeking reelection because he had done everything he set out to do on the council.

Blair said she would not be running so she could spend more time with her family.

The three other seats — held by Wayne Roth, Roger Townsend and Val Tollefson — are not up for reelection until 2017.