Bainbridge Island police blotter, July 2


The following items were taken from Bainbridge police reports by reporter Ethan Fowler. For more blotter, visit and click on Bainbridge blog link on the right side of the screen.

Crime log stats from June 22 to June 28: 5 traffic accidents, 2 thefts in the second degree, 2 driving with license suspended/revoked in the third degree, 2 suspicious incident/investigation, 2 residential burglaries, 2 miscellaneous, 1 domestic verbal, 1 violation of the uniform controlled substance act-more than 40 grams of marijuana, 1 burglary in the second degree, 1 patrol check, 1 theft in the first degree, 1 identity theft, 1 false alarm-employee error, 1 hit-and-run/unattended property damage, 1 neighbor dispute, 1 malicious mischief in the third degree, 1 disorderly conduct, 1 malicious mischief in the first degree, 1 found property, 1 agency assist and 1 lost property.

June 30
Identity theft: A man living on the 7000 block of Fletcher Bay Road reported that he received several pieces of mail from a bank that he hadn’t opened an account with. A debit/Visa card with a pin code for online banking was in one of the letters.

Found property: A woman found some cash in the middle of the road and reported it to the police, who placed it in found property. The location and the amount of cash was redacted from the report.

Reckless driving/racing: An 85-year-old woman living on the 6000 block of Monte Vista Drive was reported to police for reckless driving. Another driver witnessed the woman driving all over the road and driving onto the curb at a roundabout. The reporting party said it was the second time she had seen the woman driving recklessly. When police caught up with the driver at her home, the woman said she had been under a lot of stress with family health problems. The driver also admitted to the officer that she had driven over the roundabout’s curve and that her mind had been occupied, which caused her to possibly daydream. The officer suggested to the woman that she may want to retest with the Department of Licensing and that she needed to drive more carefully.

June 28
Driving with license suspended or revoked in the third degree, failure to transfer title within 15 days: A 26-year-old man living on the 300 block of Shepard Way was stopped when an officer noticed an apparent expired license plate tab. The vehicle’s registration had expired in 2012 and the car was sold in November 2011. However, the vehicle was displaying a 2014 license tab. The driver admitted to the officer that he took the tab from his father’s Ford Ranger truck. When the officer ran the man’s name in the state’s database, it returned with the man being charged for a driving while license suspended/revoked in the third degree for failure to appear for unpaid tickets. The improper tab was removed from the man’s car by the officer.

June 27
Residential burglary: A woman living on the 800 block of High School Road reported someone had stolen two prescription bottles from her home’s bathroom. The woman believed she had failed to lock her apartment since there was no evidence of forced entry. One of the lost medicine bottles contained approximately 20 pills of Oxycodone and the other contained about 30 pills of Meloxicam. The woman said several people in her apartment complex were aware the woman needed medicine because of her recent foot surgery, which she still had a cast for.


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