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Documentary ‘Honor & Sacrifice’ wins more awards

Earlier this month, the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) announced Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers were winners of an Award of Merit at its Leadership in History Awards for the documentary “Honor & Sacrifice: The Ray Matsumoto Story” in Nashville, Tenn.

The AASLH Leadership in History Awards is in its 69th year and is the most prestigious recognition for achievement in the preservation and interpretation of state and local history, according to a news release.

The movie, which chronicles the life of Japanese immigrant Roy Matsumoto and his family’s challenges during World War II, also won the group’s History in Progress (HIP) Award by the Leadership in History awards committee.

“The HIP Award, given at the discretion of the committee, is an additional award for an Award of Merit winner whose nomination is highly inspirational, exhibits exceptional scholarship, and/or is exceedingly entrepreneurial in terms of funding, partnerships, or collaborations, creative problem solving, or unusual project design and inclusiveness,” the news release stated.

Ostrander, whose production company Stourwater Pictures is located on Bainbridge Island, said the AASLH presented only two awards for projects in Washington state and both were from Bainbridge. The Bainbridge Island Historical Museum won the other award for its exhibit, “The Overland Westerners.”

In April, “Honor & Sacrifice” won the prestigious Erik Barnouw Award from the Organization of American Historians for outstanding programming in documentary film concerned with American history in Atlanta. The documentary also has won award at film festivals in Gig Harbor and Port Townsend.

Bainbridge Island police blotter, June 25

The following items were taken from Bainbridge police reports by reporter Ethan Fowler. For more blotter, visit bainbridgeislander.com and click on Bainbridge blog link on the right side of the screen.

Crime log stats from June 15 to June 21: 3 false alarms with unknown cause, 3 suspicious incident/investigation, 3 domestic verbal, 2 miscellaneous, 2 found property, 2 identity theft, 1 malicious mischief in the third degree, 1 stalking, 1 theft in the second degree, 1 warrant arrest by outside agency, 1 malicious mischief in the second degree, 1 open door, 1 driving with no valid operator’s license, 1 mental investigation, 1 traffic accident, 1 theft in the third degree, 1 extortion in the second degree and 1 lost property.

June 23
Patrol check: A patrol check was requested by a business owner on the 9000 block of Sportsman Club Road. The owner requested extra patrols and a meeting regarding prowlers on her property.

June 21
Found property: A woman found a cell phone on Eagle Harbor Drive that belonged to a woman in SeaTac. When police tried to contact the out-of-town woman, the number was disconnected. The phone was placed in the department’s evidence as found property.

June 20
Identity theft: A woman withdrew cash from her bank’s ATM at 10:30 a.m. and discovered her account was overdrawn by more than $200. Someone had charged more than $1,000 in airline tickets from her account without her consent.

Theft in the third degree: A woman living on the 200 block of High School Road found that the lock on her storage unit had been broken and that two tents had been stolen. The tents were described as a four-person green Coleman-brand valued at $100 and an orange two-person valued at $35. The brand wasn’t known of the orange tent. Both tents were in a blue nylon duffel bag valued at $20. The storage unit was on the second floor of the complex. A police officer didn’t see any other storage units damaged.

Identity theft: A woman living in the 500 block of Homestead Lane reported her Visa card was used today at Snoqualmie Casino for a fraudulent charge of $527.99. The woman was notified of the theft by her bank.

June 19
Driving with no valid operator’s license: A 21-year-old Bremerton man, who was involved in a minor traffic accident with another vehicle, was issued a traffic citation for not having a driver’s license or any identification or paperwork with his name on it. There was also no record found for the man, who admitted driving in reverse on Baker Hill Road after he missed his turn for Palomino Drive. The man had caused a collision with a 30-year-old Poulsbo man driving a BMW.

June 18
Open door: The door to a Winslow Way business located on the 100 block was found open and unlocked. No one was in the store when an officer arrived after a family walking down the street noticed the open door. The officer left messages with the owner and also texted her. The officer could not secure the door since it only locked from the inside. The officer later checked on the business while she was on bike patrol and the door was locked.

Malicious mischief in the second degree: At Battle Point Park, someone used a black permanent marker to write letters and offensive words on four Park District vehicles, street signs and the mobile stage. This caused an estimated $1,200 worth of damage. A metal lift gate was also damaged and would cost $1,000 since it now hit a custom door. Photos of the damage were taken by the responding officer.

June 17
Theft in the third degree: A man who was moving to Hawaii and believed he was renting an apartment found he was a victim of a $4,149.59 scam when the man he was working with that claimed to be the property manager wasn’t legitimate. The man had taken steps to confirm the apartment’s location was legitimate through numerous emails, reference checks and filling out applications. Police discussed with the man how he could avoid future theft since the man had provided the suspect with his personal information for the apartment application.

Found property: A woman living on the 10000 block of Manitou Park Boulevard came to the police station to turn over drug paraphernalia that she had found. She handed a small, clear Ziploc bag with 40 small cotton balls inside a tree near the library at 10:30 a.m. Police tested the balls and one indicated the presence of amphetamine. The balls are often used to filter narcotics prior to intravenous use. The bag was placed into police property for destruction.

Warrant arrest by outside agency: The King County Jail called to confirm a warrant on a 43-year-old Seattle woman. The woman’s warrant charge wasn’t listed on the incident report.