Police Blotter: DUI suspect offers police $5


A 22-year-old Poulsbo man drew the attention of police on the night of Sept. 20 when his car skidded up onto a sidewalk within earshot of the Winslow Way  station. Police caught up to the vehicle on Harborview Drive and asked the driver for his license. The man rifled through his wallet and produced a $5 bill, which he offered to police. A breathalyzer test later registered the man’s blood alcohol content at more than four times the legal limit.

Also this week, an enraged marina resident assaulted a fellow liveaboard with a rock, and an equally irate driver punched a car on Highway 305.

The blotter is below:

Sept. 21

Assault: Police arrested a resident of a Ward Avenue marina after the 58-year-old man assaulted a fellow liveaboard with a rock. The altercation was reported at about 8 p.m. The reporting party, a 66-year-old man, told police he and his wife had returned to the marina earlier that evening. As they parked their car, the headlights flashed on the other man’s boat. The man became enraged and confronted the couple on the dock. The 58-year-old reportedly shoved the 66-year-old in the chest repeatedly, as though trying to push him into the water. Th 66-year-old said he tried to walk away but the irate man hit him in the back with a large rock. The 58-year-old then picked up a board and brandished it. The couple walked up Ward Avenue to distance themselves from the man. Police arrived and arrested the 58-year-old, who remained aggressive. As he was transported to Kitsap County jail, the man told an officer that he would have to “carjack” or kill someone to get back home, and he hoped it would be the officer’s mother. The rock was booked into evidence.

Collision: A Ford C-Max crashed into a deer that bounded in front of the vehicle on Day Road East at about 8:50 a.m. The deer was killed. The car was damaged.

Sept. 20

Drunken driving: Police working in the Winslow Way station at 10:30 p.m. heard skidding outside on the roadway. Upon investigating, police saw a car had driven up onto a sidewalk. The car continued south down Olympic Drive and turned onto Harborview Drive, near the ferry terminal. Police caught up to the vehicle in a patrol car and contacted the driver, a 22-year-old Poulsbo man. The man, who smelled strongly of alcohol, was asked for his license. He rifled through his wallet and produced a $5 bill instead. Police declined the cash and the man eventually produced ID. The 22-year-old told police he’d just gotten off work at a High School Road restaurant and was on his way home, though police noted Poulsbo was in the opposite direction. The man admitted to drinking while at work but said he didn’t feel drunk. He declined field sobriety tests and was arrested for drunken driving. A breathalyzer test at the station registered his blood alcohol content at .347, more than four times the legal limit. The man’s alcohol level was too high to be admitted to the county jail. He was cited and given a ride home.

Sept. 19

Road rage: A 47-year-old island man called police after another driver punched his car on Highway 305 shortly before 5 p.m. Meanwhile, a second caller reported the same suspect as a possible drunken driver. The original reporting party told police he was driving south on the highway when he noticed a Toyota Sequoia pass the car behind him using the shoulder. The SUV drove erratically as it continued south. The reporting party said he pulled into the right turn lane at the intersection with Sportsman Club road and the Toyota SUV pulled up beside his car. The driver of the SUV exited and began yelling about wanting to fight. The enraged driver punched the reporting party’s car, leaving a dent, then got back in the SUV and drove south. The reporting party followed the SUV but lost sight of it in Winslow. Police searched the area but couldn’t locate the suspect vehicle.

Found: A Country Club Road resident brought police a bag containing an unknown substance, which she said she’d found in her bedroom. A preliminary test identified the clear substance in the bag as methamphetamine. It was unclear where the drugs had come from, but the woman said a moving company had recently delivered furniture to her home.

Assault: A 32-year-old man who scuffled with a bar tender after walking out on a bill at a downtown restaurant was arrested for assault. According to the bartender, the man drank $13 worth of alcohol at the waterfront restaurant and left without paying. The bartender followed the man up the street and saw him walk into a salon. The bartender confronted the man and grabbed his skateboard, in an attempt to keep him from fleeing. The man reportedly reached for a knife clipped to his pants and the bartender wrestled him to the ground. The two men struggled and the bartender was able to control the suspect and take the knife away. A employee at the salon called 911 and corroborated the bartender’s story. Police arrested the 32-year-old for third and second degree assault. The man was booked into Kitsap County jail on $12,500 bail.

Sept. 18

Malicious mischief: A lockbox was broken outside a home for sale on the 16000 block of Agate Point Road. The agent for the home said the perpetrator had damaged the box but hadn’t gained access. Replacement was estimated at $150.

Reckless driving: A Bainbridge woman called police to report a pickup truck had passed her car in a school zone on Blakely Avenue. The incident occurred at about 8 a.m. when the woman was dropping her son off at the school. The woman said the truck was traveling at about 50 mph when it passed her. She requested more patrols in the area.

Sept. 14

Car prowl: A backpack was stolen from an unlocked car parked on Blakely Avenue. A black mark apparently left by a moving vehicle was discovered on one wheel. No suspects.

Sept. 13

Suspicious incident: A parent reported an unknown woman in a black vehicle had approached her daughter in Island Center and asked her to get in the car. The daughter refused and the woman drove away. Police searched the area but didn’t locate the vehicle. The incident didn’t rise to the level of luring, according to the report, but the information was disseminated to patrolling officers.

Sept. 2

Medical call: Police and aid were called to Manitou Beach Drive at 3 p.m. for a report of a man who’d been injured while working on an SUV. The 20-year-old was underneath the unoccupied vehicle when it began to roll. The SUV rolled over the man and down the driveway, coming to rest on a berm. The man was airlifted to a hospital for treatment of a punctured lung and released the same day.