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4 thoughts on “Flying over Kitsap: More comments and more flight tracks

  1. This article is very interesting for we have experienced low flying commercial airlines over our home near Meadowmeer. They come over as early as 4:30 am and then later in the afternoon.
    The Gods Must Be Crazy for one of these airlines left me a gift of a pair of channel lock pliers. They fell off the plan and lodged into the back yard about an inch into the ground.

    Mind you, if this was a piece of ice the FAA would be on it in a heartbeat. However, I never received a reply from the FAA in Renton when I emailed them to ask where they wanted the pliers to be sent. One would think that they would at least be curious as to why this strange email was sent to them?

  2. This is very interesting and I am glad someone published it. I have been having similar frustrations with the low flying aircrafts. The other night a plane flew VERY close to my house and shook the windows and scared the heck out of me. And the frequency has increase substantially over the years. Its not only commercial flights but its personal aircrafts and helicopters. And to the person saying that it is just Bainbridge islanders tring to get their way… you’re wrong. I live in Kingston and have this same problem. Make it stop!!!

  3. I, too, have been hearing more aircraft flying over, in the past year. They are lower, and fly late at night, as well.
    So, for people to say that Bainbridge is the only one complaining, I disagree….I am right there with them on this one, and I am near Jackson Park, for over 13 years.

    I recall one, in particular, that woke me UP, and I thought, oh no, we are going to war.

  4. I wouldn’t want to listen to air traffic all day and night long, but I love it when a huge, low flying aircraft rattles my windows. Nothing better than seeing an old B-17 or a 747 skipping across my horizon. Except maybe seeing the Blue Angles streak over at about 500′!

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