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Island girl picks name for Woodland Park otter


A Bainbridge Island girl can point out the otter she named when she visits Woodland Park Zoo.

Hannah Deets, 7, was one of two winners of the zoo’s contest to name its new pair of Asian small-clawed otters. More than 1,000 contestants suggested names from the Malay language. Winners were picked by a panel of zoo judges.

The chosen names were: Guntur (“thunder”) and Teratai (“water lily”).

The zoo announced Hannah as a winner of the contest Thursday, alongside sisters Megan and Nicole Green of Renton.

Hannah is a good person to know. One of her prizes is a visit from an ice cream truck for her and 100 of her closest friends.

According to the zoo, Guntur and Teratai are currently off exhibit while they raise four newborn pups. They’re expected to return to the Bamboo Forest Reserve in August. In the meantime, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about Asian small-clawed otters here.

Photo courtesy Woodland Park Zoo