Police Blotter: Barefoot woman lies in front of tow truck


Police responded to a Madison Avenue parking lot Jan. 3 for a report of a barefoot woman lying in front of a tow truck to prevent her car from being impounded. The car was hooked up to the truck when officers arrived and the 46-year-old woman was sitting on its trunk about eight feet off the ground. Police coaxed the enraged woman off the car but once on the ground she struggled with officers and was cited for disorderly conduct.

Elsewhere on Bainbridge, the New Year began with a small rash of car prowls and several acts of vandalism.

The blotter is below:

Jan. 7

Theft: A thermometer sign for a fundraising effort was reported stolen from Alma Place near the Rotary Gateway Park. The sign was valued between $500 and $1,000. No suspects.

Vehicle prowl: About $300 worth of dog grooming equipment and pet supplies were stolen overnight from a Subaru Forester parked at a Agate Passage-area home. Another vehicle on the property also appeared to have been rummaged through but nothing appeared missing.

Vehicle prowl: A Sunrise Bluff man reported several cars on his property had been rummaged through and a CD player faceplate and gym bag were missing from his vehicle.

Jan. 6

Vehicle prowl: A $200 GPS unit and $300 in cash were stolen overnight from a vehicle parked at a Shepard Way home. The owner told police she usually locks her car but may have left it unlocked the previous evening.

Burglary: A John Adams Lane resident reported his backpacking backpack and a small quantity of marijuana stolen from his house overnight. The man told police he’d returned home late the previous evening and left a backpack full of camping gear in his living room. He recalled his dog barking sometime during the night but didn’t think anything of it. The bag was missing the next morning, along with a marijuana bud left on an end table. The backpack and camping gear were valued at $500. The man couldn’t recall whether he’d locked his door. No suspects.

Jan. 5

Malicious mischief: A street sign on Ihland Way was discovered broken off at the base at 9 a.m. Public works was contacted.

Malicious mischief: Employees of a High School Road school reported two administration office windows had been broken out overnight. A rock was found inside one office. Replacement was estimated at $2,000.

Jan. 4

Burglary: A Kono Road woman reported household goods and electronics valued at $1,700 missing from her home. She said she’d left for a couple of hours that afternoon and returned to find the items missing. The woman told police she is good about locking her house but has given out keys to acquaintances over the years. No suspects.

Jan. 3

Disorderly conduct: Police were called to a Madison Avenue condominium complex where a barefoot woman was reportedly laying in front of a tow truck to prevent her car from being impounded. The tow truck driver had hooked up to the car and hoisted it into the air when police arrived. The woman was sitting on the trunk of the sedan about 8 feet off the ground. The 46-year-old was wearing a sarong around her waist and no jacket, though police noted the temperature was hovering at 36 degrees. The tow truck driver showed police a valid impound order from the manager of the complex. The woman told police she had received no notice that her vehicle would be impounded. Police contacted the manager who said everyone in the complex had received notification that new stickers were required for parking. The woman became enraged when police told her she would have to pay the tow fee to have her vehicle returned. Officers were able to coax the woman down from the car, but once on the ground she flailed her arms, dug her bare feet into the ground and continued screaming. Police cited the woman for disorderly conduct.

Dec. 31

Theft: A 120-pound rusty metal ship anchor went missing from a Pleasant Beach Drive home. The yard ornament was valued at $200. No suspects.

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