Police Blotter: ‘Rambunctious’ DUI suspect takes eventful trip to jail


Police arrested a 22-year-old Bainbridge man for drunken driving on Dec. 5 after his pickup collided with a telephone pole at the intersection of Manzanita Road and Bergman Road. The man twice tried to escape his handcuffs while being processed by police, and managed to draw an X-rated picture on the fogged up window of a patrol car. He was booked into Kitsap County jail on $5,000 bail.

The blotter is below:

Dec. 10

Restraining order: A 78-year-old Bainbridge man called 911 shortly before 3 p.m. when he was assaulted in his home by his 51-year-old son. The father had a restraining order against his son, but said his wife was allowing him to stay in their garage temporarily. The two men got into a shoving match, which resulted in a small laceration to the father’s head. Police arrested the son who was booked into Kitsap County jail on $50,000 bail.

Vehicle theft: A Jeep Cherokee reported stolen from the parking lot of a fish farm on South Beach Drive was wrecked and abandoned at the intersection of Fort Ward Hill Road and Country Club Road. Police contacted the owners in Poulsbo.

Driving while medicated: A 90-year-old Bainbridge man drove his Honda Civic through a Wing Point golf course, then knocked down a stop sign on nearby Alder Avenue. The man had apparently taken his nighttime medication that morning and become disoriented while driving to his daughter’s house on Wing Point. Police contacted the Department of Licensing to advise a reevaluation.

Minors in possession: A patrolling officer encountered two 19-year-old men stumbling through the courtyard of a High School Road school at 4:30 a.m. One of the men lurched toward the officer while carrying a can of soda in one hand and a partially consumed half-gallon of rum in the other. His companion appeared equally wobbly and both had bloodshot eyes. The mother of one of the men lived nearby and the officer transported them to her apartment and told them to stay there for the remainder of the morning. The officer cleared the scene and began preparing a report. Shortly after, another officer encountered the same two men on High School Road. They were again transported to the apartment and told they would be taken to jail if they left. Apparently unfazed, the men were later spotted by a newspaper carrier near Capstan Drive. Police located one of the men, who apologized and said he was ready to go home. He was taken to Kitsap County jail instead and booked for minor in possession of alcohol and trespass.

Dec. 7

Warrant: Bainbridge Police arrested a 50-year-old man wanted on a felony warrant for fleeing community custody in Olympia. The man was stopped on Highway 305 south of High School road at 8 p.m. after his vehicle was seen crossing the highway centerline several times. He was booked into Kitsap County jail.

Dec. 5

Theft: A Port Townsend therapist reported an aluminum attaché containing her devices used to measure hand function went missing from her vehicle in a Winslow Way parking lot Nov. 22. The woman didn’t discover the case missing until Dec. 1. The equipment was valued at $2,500.

Drunken driving: Police were called to the intersection of Bergman Road and Manzanita Road where a pickup truck had collided with a telephone pole shortly before 2 a.m. The 22-year-old Bainbridge driver and a fluffy grey dog were still seated in the pickup when police arrived. The man appeared heavily intoxicated and emotional. He alternately cried and laughed as police interviewed him and lectured an officer on the difference between a telephone pole and a power pole. Police arrested the man for drunken driving and called his mother to collect the dog. While being transported to the station, the man managed to slip his handcuffs from the back to the front of his body, then tied one of his shoelaces to the cuffs. He told the arresting officer he was attempting to escape. A breathalyzer test registered the man’s blood alcohol content at .245, roughly three times the legal limit. The suspect proved industrious during his trip to Kitsap County jail, again slipping his handcuffs to the front of his body. His “rambunctious” behavior fogged up the window of the patrol car and the man took the opportunity to sketch the letter “I,” a heart symbol, and a graphic image of male genitalia on the glass. He also peeled a piece of molding off the door panel and slobbered on the floor. The man was booked for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. His total bail was set at $5,000.

Dec. 1

Vehicle prowl: An unknown person rifled through two vehicles at neighboring homes on the 12000 block of Manzanita Road. Nothing was reported missing from the two vehicles and no suspect information was available.