Police Blotter: Rain, holiday lights prove hazardous for island drivers


Heavy rain and slick roads contributed to a spate of recent collisions on Bainbridge. On Nov. 30 an SUV knocked down a 77-year-old woman in a crosswalk during a downpour on Winslow Way.

Rainstorms weren’t the only winter driving hazards. A Poulsbo man told police he was sneezing when his Volkswagen Golf hit a Honda Fit on Highway 305 on Nov. 30, while Bainbridge woman was distracted by a holiday light display Nov. 25, when her Volvo slammed into a Honda Element on Olympic Drive.

The blotter is below:

Dec. 3

Collision: A Chevy Blazer slid into a mailbox on the 10000 block of Day Road at about 5 p.m. The driver, a 48-year-old Bainbridge woman, was uninjured.

Nov. 30

Collision: A Nissan Xterra skidded into the back of a Lexus SUV on northbound Highway 305. The Nissan driver, a 47-year-old Poulsbo man, said he didn’t see traffic slowing in front of him. It was raining and the road was wet. The Nissan was towed.

Collision: Wet conditions and a fit of sneezing led a 60-year-old Poulsbo man to run his Volkswagen Golf into a Honda Fit on northbound Highway 305. The Honda was driven by a 27-year-old Kirkland woman who complained of neck and back pain and was evaluated at the scene.

Vehicle versus pedestrian: A Toyota 4Runner knocked down a 77-year-old Bainbridge woman in a crosswalk on Winslow Way East at about 4:45 p.m. The SUV was turning onto Winslow Way from an alley in a heavy downpour when it struck the woman. The driver of the SUV, a 55-year-old Bainbridge woman, said she didn’t see the pedestrian, who was wearing all black. The driver stopped to check on the woman, and the pair exchanged information and left the scene. The pedestrian suffered a sprained wrist but told police she was otherwise uninjured.

Shoplifting: Police responded to a Bainbridge Village store where employees reported a possible shoplifting at 7:40 p.m. An employee told police she saw a young man walking out of the story with something underneath his jacket. She yelled at him to stop but the man bolted out the door and climbed into a black SUV, which left the parking lot. Store employees were unable to determine if anything was missing from the store and security camera footage was also inconclusive. The case was recorded.

Nov. 29

Collision: A 65-year-old Seattle man in a Ford pickup failed to make a turn from New Sweden Avenue onto Eagle Harbor Drive at 7:30 p.m. His truck careened off a tree and rolled into a planter box in a yard on the north side of Eagle Harbor Drive. The man said he was unfamiliar with the area and it was a dark and rainy evening.

Nov. 27

Theft: A purse was reported stolen from a car in a school parking lot on Madison Avenue. The bag was valued at $170 and contained a $400 pair of eyeglasses, $200 in cash, identification and various cards.

Trespass: A Fairview Avenue couple awoke shortly after 4 a.m. to the sound of a man’s voice in their house. The husband walked downstairs and encountered a 31-year-old Poulsbo man who his adult daughter had two protection orders against. The husband punched the intruder in the face, and the man fled the house. The husband suspected his daughter had invited the Poulsbo man into the house despite the protection orders.

Theft: An employee of a private parking lot near the ferry terminal reported seeing a man in his 20s attempting to fish cash out of pay boxes at 12:48 a.m. The employee confronted the man, who jumped into a Toyota Camry, which sped away from the lot. The same man had been seen on the lot several times in prior 10 days. The employee couldn’t tell if any money was taken.

Nov. 25

Collision: A 49-year-old Bainbridge woman told police she was distracted by a holiday light display when her Volvo wagon ran into the back of a Honda Element in ferry traffic on Olympic Drive. The force of the collision rammed the Honda Element into a third vehicle. The driver of the Honda complained of neck and shoulder pain but declined aid.

Nov. 16

Collision: A Bainbridge man suffered a broken arm when his KL650 motorcycle slid out from under him at the intersection of Wyatt Way and Finch Road. He was transported to a local hospital.