Police Blotter: Nearly $300,000 stolen from island man’s bank account


An unknown person used a 69-year-old Bainbridge man’s personal information to wire nearly $300,000 from the man’s bank account to an account in China on Nov. 5. The man said his bank would reimburse him for the money once he filed a fraud affidavit.

Also this week, a 67-year-old man admitted to “beating up” his friend for not allowing him to sleep over, and a possible Halloween night child luring attempt was reported on Weaver Road.

The blotter is below:

Nov. 8

Identity theft: Nearly $300,000 was reportedly drained from the bank account of a 69-year-old Bainbridge man. The man noticed the money missing after his bank alerted him a check he’d written hadn’t cleared. He checked his account balance and discovered it was empty. Further research by the bank revealed the entirety of his account balance had been wired to Hong Kong, China, on Nov. 5. Someone would have needed the man’s personal information, account numbers and answers to security questions in order to complete the transfer. The man said he could’t recall losing any documents containing personal information. The man’s bank informed him he would be reimbursed for the money after submitting a fraud affidavit. Police could not identify any suspects.

Nov. 7

Identity theft: A Bremerton hospital alerted Bainbridge Police after an island man left an emergency room shortly before 5 p.m. with an IV still attached to his arm. The man had been receiving medication for back pain. Police contacted the man’s girlfriend on Bainbridge. She said her boyfriend hadn’t been at a hospital, but she suspected her ex-husband may have used her boyfriend’s name to receive painkillers. Police contacted the boyfriend at his workplace and he confirmed he hadn’t been at the emergency room. He asked to file an identity theft claim.

Theft: A 27-year-old Eagle Harbor Drive man reported $600 stolen from a tin in his living room. He said the theft had occurred sometime between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 6. A laptop and other valuables were left untouched. The man said he couldn’t think of anyone who would have known about the cash in the tin.

Nov. 5

Trespass: A maintenance worker at a Madison Avenue theater was making her morning rounds when she found a bathroom door in an outbuilding locked. She knocked on the door and it was answered by a disheveled man who’d apparently been sleeping inside. The man left without incident and the maintenance worker called police. Police checked the area without locating the suspect.

Collision: An 18-year-old Kingston man fell asleep at the wheel of a GMC SUV at 5 a.m., while driving south on Highway 305. The SUV drifted off the roadway and collided with a construction sign, knocking it over. The man awoke and gained control of the vehicle. He was uninjured.

Assault: An assault involving two friends was reported at a Winslow marina. A 53-year-old man called 911 shortly after 11 p.m. and told the dispatcher his 67-year-old friend had punched him in the face. He then handed the phone to the 67-year-old who confirmed “beating up” his friend. Police contacted the 53-year-old on the dock by his boat. The liveaboard said he’d invited his friend over to hang out but his friend became violent when he told him he couldn’t spend the night on the boat and punched him in the face. The 53-year-old’s face was scraped and bruised. Both men appeared heavily intoxicated. The 67-year-old had two outstanding warrants from Bainbridge Municipal Court. He was arrested for assault and booked into Kitsap County Jail.

Nov. 1

Theft: A Felt F55 bicycle was reported stolen from a Homestead Lane home. The road bike had been stored in a closet on the porch. It was valued at $2,000.

Oct. 31

Suspicious circumstances: A potential child luring attempt was reported on Weaver Road near Rotary Park. Three girls were walking on the roadside on Halloween night when they were approached by a man driving a white or silver van. The man was described as heavyset and bald, with tattoos covering his arms and possibly tattoos on his neck. The man reportedly asked the children if they wanted candy. He repeatedly said “I’m not trying to be creepy,” and offered to leave the candy on the ground for them. The girls felt uncomfortable and ran away. The van drove away on Weaver Road and police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Oct. 26

Theft: A $642 pair of Vortex Viper binoculars were taken from a vehicle parked at a Manzanita Lane home. The binoculars were dark green with a black strap.