Police Blotter: Postal worker delivers tirade


A 55-year-old mail carrier berated a Battle Point woman who was driving her 6-year-old daughter home from a school bus stop. The carrier was later involved in a confrontation with the woman’s husband and nudged the man’s bicycle with the bumper of his mail truck.

Also this week, a 26-year-old man engaged in gauge theft, and a “Please don’t uproot my sign” note didn’t prevent a campaign sign from being uprooted.

The blotter is below:

Oct. 29

Theft: A green Kona bicycle was reported stolen from a Douglas Drive residence. The bike had been attached to a rack on the back of a car. It was valued at $400.

Oct. 28

Missing boat: A 17-foot Boston Whaler was reported missing and possibly stolen. The boat had been tied to a buoy offshore from a home at the north end of the island. The owner reported both the buoy and boat missing at 7:30 a.m. He later called police to say he’d found the boat and buoy, which had apparently broken loose from its mooring.

Oct. 27

Theft: A 25-year-old Falk Road man reported a 26-year-old acquaintance had been stealing parts from a truck on his property. The 25-year-old owned a Chevy pickup which he was using for salvage parts. His acquaintance owned the same model truck. A few weeks before, the owner noticed a fan belt missing from his parts truck. He called the acquaintance, who denied taking the belt. On Oct. 27 the acquaintance called the owner while he was away from home to ask if he could have the oil gauge from the parts truck. The owner said “no,” but returned homed to find the dashboard of the parts truck disassembled and the gauge missing. He called the acquaintance who admitted he’d already taken the gauge before he called to ask for permission. The owner of the truck told the acquaintance he wasn’t allowed on the property anymore and filed a report with police.

Suspicious persons: An attempted burglary was reported at an Alder Avenue home. A 13-year-old boy told police he’d been home alone when he heard a car pull up to the house and saw two men he didn’t recognize approach the front door. The men tried turning the doorknob, which was locked, became angry and left. A half hour later, the same two men returned and tried to open the back door, which was also locked. The boy said someone called the house from a blocked number several times between the two visits. The suspect car was described as a black Honda Civic station wagon with numerous stickers on the back. The boy reported the incident to police and his mother. Police advised the boy to call 9-1-1 if the men returned.

Collision: Police responded to the intersection of Highway 305 and Lovgreen Road where a Honda Accord had collided with a Ford pickup. Police interviewed the driver of the pickup, a 62-year-old Bainbridge man, who said he was driving northbound when the Honda pulled onto the highway from Lovgreen and ran into the side of his truck. The driver of the Honda, a 76-year-old Bainbridge man, complained of rib pain and was transported to a hospital. Both vehicles were towed.

Oct. 26

Theft: A 65-year-old High School Road woman reported her debit card had been stolen and used for nearly $60 in purchases.

Oct. 25

Collision: A bicyclist traveling northbound on Madison Avenue shortly after 4 p.m. entered the roundabout at High School Road and was struck by a westbound SUV. The cyclist suffered a cut to his face and complained of pain in one arm. The SUV driver said he didn’t see the bicycle when he entered the roundabout.

Oct. 24

Dispute: An Battle Point couple reported two confrontations with a postal worker. First, a woman said she was driving home after picking her 6-year-old daughter up from a bus stop when she encountered a mail truck making deliveries. The woman said she pulled over to give the truck space to pass. The truck stopped and the mail carrier got out and berated her about her driving. The carrier ended his tirade with, “Are you (expletive) serious?” The woman called her husband, who was out for a bicycle ride, and told him about the incident. The husband tracked down the mail truck and confronted the carrier. The carrier at one point nudged the man’s bicycle with the bumper of the mail truck. Police contacted the 55-year-old carrier at the Winslow post office. The carrier admitted to yelling at the woman and said he was upset by her talking on her cell phone while driving. He also admitted to bumping the husband’s bicycle with his truck. He said the man had pedaled toward him in an “aggressive and threatening” manner. The carrier said he’d eventually apologized to the man for losing his temper and asked him to talk to his wife about her driving. The couple declined to press charges. A report was taken.

Oct. 23

Theft: A Grand Avenue woman told police she’d placed campaign sign in her yard supporting a candidate for governor, along with a note that read “Please don’t uproot my sign.” The sign promptly disappeared and was replaced by two signs supporting the opposing candidate. No suspects.

4 thoughts on “Police Blotter: Postal worker delivers tirade

  1. Talking on your cell phone while driving is illegal. Doing so with a six year old child in the car is gross negligence. The mail carrier should get a medal. I’ll be calling the post office to say so and the BI police should ticket the lady. The husband should have been having a talk with his wife. Intimidating a mail carrier is a federal offense, the husband should have been charged.

    Assume some personal responsibility in life…

  2. So your local mail carrier now gets to tell you how to drive? Who’s next? The garbage man? This guy is a busybody who has no business at all berating another citizen for anything. I can quite understand why you, Robin, approve of his actions because you do the same damn thing–get in everybody’s business telling them what to do.

  3. I can sympathize with the mail carrier, seeing how everybody drives around here. The reference to the garbage truck is hilarious, considering how many garbage truck drivers have had people knock garbage cans out of their hands by the drivers. However, losing your temper doesn’t work very well either, as I have come to find out. Curt

  4. Medal for the carrier, the LAW is the LAW, for my protection and yours. This skank shouldnt be a parent or even a role model. These are the tards we read about running over motor cycles, pedestrians and children all in the name of talking or texting on the phone while driving. I hope Darwin shows this numbskull an old trick or two bfore she kills innocent people.

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