Daily Archives: October 30, 2012

How island roads got their names

We recently debuted a new column in the Islander examining the history of island road names. The column is  made possible by the work of Elinor Ringland, a Bainbridge Historical Society volunteer on a mission to dig up the story behind every street on Bainbridge.

Elinor and fellow volunteers combed through local history books, Historical Museum archives, and interviewed islanders to compile these street name stories. Their work to date can be viewed at the museum. Many of the histories are based on family lore and are not necessarily definitive.

If you have a street name story (or myth/rumor/legend) to share, Elinor would love to hear from you. You can reach her at elinorjoe@msn.com.

We’ll post the column on this blog each week. Our first two road name columns involved the namesake of Redmond and a popular neighborhood fox:

McRedmond Lane

Location: Runs east-west between Wardwell Road and Summer Hill Lane, west of the Highway 305/Sportsman Club Road intersection.

History: Sea captain and carpenter Lucas McRedmond immigrated from Ireland in the 1840s to escape the most recent potato famine.

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