Police Blotter: Pregnant woman smokes pot at ferry terminal

Police cited a Federal Way woman for possession of drug paraphernalia Oct. 7, after ferry passengers reported her smoking marijuana near the entrance to the Bainbridge terminal. The woman, described as “very pregnant,” asked police they could pause their interview while she updated her Facebook status.

Also this week, two women were booked for possession of methamphetamine, and a Manzanita Road cat was the victim of an apparent pellet gun attack.

The blotter is below:

Oct. 7

Paraphernalia: Police responded to the ferry terminal at about 2 p.m. for reports of a pregnant woman smoking from a glass pipe. A 28-year-old Federal Way woman, who appeared “very pregnant,” was found sitting on a bench near the terminal. Police told the woman she’d been reported smoking marijuana. “I was definitely doing that,” she reportedly responded. The woman produced a glass pipe, which appeared to have been recently used. She asked police if she could update her Facebook status before she was processed. Police told her the Facebook post could wait. She was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Oct. 6

Trespass: Police spotted several young males on the roof of a Madison Avenue restaurant at 1 a.m. One had his face covered with a bandana.The youths fled when police shone a flashlight on the roof. Police gained access to the top of the building and found a broken flower pot on a second story balcony. Nothing else appeared missing or damaged.

Oct. 4

Drug possession: A Cadillac was stopped by police on High School Road after a records check showed the vehicle’s owner had a suspended license. The driver, a 26-year-old island woman, gave police her name but couldn’t produce identification. An additional records check showed a woman with a very similar name and description was wanted for a felony warrant for narcotics from the state Department of Corrections. The driver told police the wanted woman was her sister but police matched the driver to the suspect photo in their database. The woman was arrested. Police searched her purse and found a pipe caked with a white substance later determined to be methamphetamine. The woman was booked into Kitsap County jail.

Oct. 3

Theft: An iPhone 4 went missing from a backpack at a High School Road school. A student left the backpack outside a teacher’s office while he was in class. When he got home after school he noticed the zippers on his backpack were broken and the iPhone was missing. No suspects.

Fraud: A Bainbridge man was defrauded of about $2,000 while attempting to sell a bicycle on an online classified site. The man listed the bicycle for $850 and received an email from a person who said they would pay full price for the bike but had some special conditions for the payment. The purported buyer asked the Bainbridge man to to receive a check for nearly $3,000, deduct the $850 for the bicycle, and forward the remaining sum on to a person in Tennessee. The Bainbridge man agreed and followed the instructions, only to find the check had bounced after he’d wired roughly $2,000 from his account to Tennessee. The man’s bank informed him it would not replace the money since he’d made the withdrawal willingly. The case was recorded.

Oct. 2

Animal abuse: A Manzanita Road couple reported their cat had been shot in the leg by an unidentified projectile. The couple provided X-rays of the cat to police. The X-rays showed what appeared to be a pellet from a pellet gun embedded in the cat’s leg. No suspects.

Oct. 1

Drug possession: Police were called to a Madison Avenue parking lot for a report of a person passed out in a vehicle. Police found a woman slumped in a car, wearing a baseball hat and covered with a jacket. The woman awoke after police pounded repeatedly on the car’s windows. The 54-year-old Bremerton transient told police she couldn’t remember exactly why she was in the vehicle, only that she’d fallen asleep about two hours before. Police saw a clear glass pipe tucked between the woman’s legs and she admitted to smoking methamphetamine before falling asleep. Several clear plastic bags were found in a pouch on the car’s floorboard. One contained crystals that were later determined to be methamphetamine. The woman had outstanding warrants from Bremerton and Poulsbo stemming from theft cases. She was booked into Kitsap County jail. The pipe and bags were placed in evidence.

Found: A bicycle was turned into the police department after it was left for three weeks at a rack in Lynwood Center. It was placed in evidence for safekeeping.

Sept. 29

Littering: A Carmella Lane resident reported a pickup load of carpet had been dumped alongside his driveway. No suspects.