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Teacher’s experimental craft inching across Pacific

It’s been three weeks since former Bainbridge High School teacher Rory Wilson shoved off for Hawaii in an experimental watercraft called KROS.

The 21-foot boat, powered by oars and kites, is creeping steadily toward its goal, according to updates posted by Wilson’s brother Shane on the KROS Facebook page. Wilson launched from San Diego on Sept. 18 and spent the first few days of his solo voyage paddling southwest off Baja California. He is now traveling roughly due west for Hawaii.

Wilson relays his position to Shane using a SPOT GPS tracker (the latest track is shown above). The brothers also talk regularly by satellite phone. According to Shane’s latest post, Wilson has rowed up to 12 hours a day when the wind is too light to use KROS’ kites.

“He sounds like he’s having a great time, all in all…” Shane wrote.

Wilson taught math at Bainbridge High and used the plans for his experimental voyage to engage his students. Before departing last month, Wilson compared the KROS to a moving math problem.

“It’s just like a really cool, multivariable equation of all the factors that go into it,” he told the Sun’s Angela Dice.

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Police Blotter: Pregnant woman smokes pot at ferry terminal

Police cited a Federal Way woman for possession of drug paraphernalia Oct. 7, after ferry passengers reported her smoking marijuana near the entrance to the Bainbridge terminal. The woman, described as “very pregnant,” asked police they could pause their interview while she updated her Facebook status.

Also this week, two women were booked for possession of methamphetamine, and a Manzanita Road cat was the victim of an apparent pellet gun attack.

The blotter is below:
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