Police Blotter: Driver scuffles with police after wreck

An 18-year-old driver scuffled with police Sept. 30 after the car she was driving veered off the roadway and collided with a fence at NE Day Road and Madison Avenue NE. The woman was eventually subdued and booked for driving under the influence.

Also this week, police responded to a report of a man shaving in a Winslow Way cafe, and a cyclist went airborne on High School Road.

The blotter is below:

Sept. 30

Drunken driving: Police were called to the corner of NE Day Road and Madison Avenue NE where a sedan had driven off the road and collided with a fence. Several young adults were found standing around the vehicle when police arrived at about 10:30 p.m. The driver, an 18-year-old transient woman, said the car’s brakes had failed causing her to crash into the fence. Police noted the smell of alcohol on the woman’s breath. According to reports, the woman tried to walk away from police while they were questioning her. Police told the woman she was under arrest and attempted to handcuff her but she broke free and bolted toward Day Road. Police wrestled the woman to the ground and successfully cuffed her. The woman continued to resist and kicked at the cruiser as police tried to load her into the back seat. Police put a hobbling strap on the woman’s legs and seated her in the cruiser. The woman had scrapes on her hands, knuckles, chin and one knee from the altercation. She was evaluated by medics before police took her to the police station for processing. The woman admitted to drinking several beers earlier that night and said she was remorseful for resisting. “I was just scared and I didn’t know what to do,” she reportedly told police. A breathalyzer test registered her blood alcohol content at .198. The legal limit is .08. The woman was booked into Kitsap County jail on $5,000 bail.

Sept. 29

Drunken driving: Suquamish officers alerted Bainbridge police of a potentially intoxicated woman who was seen driving away from a house party in Indianola. Bainbridge police responded to the Agate Pass Bridge and saw the suspect vehicle driving south on Highway 305, veering noticeably. Police pulled in behind the car and and activated their lights. The car continued south on Highway 305, turned onto West Port Madison Road and finally parked in front of a house. The 33-year-old driver appeared heavily intoxicated when police contacted her in the driveway. She declined field sobriety tests and requested a lawyer. Police arrested the woman and drove her to Kitsap County jail. A breathalyzer test registered her blood alcohol content at .175. The legal limit is .08. She was booked on $2,500 bail.

Suspicious person: The manager of a Winslow Way grocery store called police to report a man who was disturbing patrons and was seen shaving in the store’s cafe. Police found the man sitting at a table with personal items spread out around him as though he was camping. The manager said the man had attempted to cook raw meat in the cafe’s microwave the day before. Police identified the man as a Seattle transient, but were unable to decipher what language he spoke. The man abruptly gathered his belongings and left the store. He declined a ride from police and departed in the direction of the ferry terminal, hobbling on crutches.

Sept. 28

Vehicle prowl: An iPhone charger was reported stolen from a Jeep Wrangler left in a school parking lot during a high school football game. An unknown person had entered the vehicle through its soft rear panel and pried open the locked glove box and center console. The $30 charger was the only item reported missing.

Threats: Three young men told police they’d been threatened by an enraged homeowner at a golf course of Koura Road. The men said they were walking through the course at about 10 p.m. when they were accosted by a man carrying a silver baseball bat. The man reportedly told them to get off his property and the three men explained they thought they were on the golf course. They told police the man became enraged and began making expletive-laden threats. He told them he would “bash your face” and get a “killer dog” to “eat your (expletive) face off,” among other warnings. Police contacted the resident at his home nearby. The 41-year old man said he was awoken by noises outside his house and mistakenly thought the three men were on his property. He admitted to making threats involving a dog, but denied using expletives in his warnings. Police advised the man to call 911 next time he suspected trespass.

Theft: Two bicycles were reported stolen from a Bjune Drive parking garage. One was described as a green custom collapsible bike, valued at $1,600. The other was a “unisex” bike valued at $800. No suspects.

Malicious mischief: A 4-foot-long scrape was left down the driver’s side door of a Volvo left parked at a Hildebrand Lane business. Damage was estimated at $1,000.

Sept. 27

Collision: A 48-year-old Bainbridge cyclist was taken to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton for evaluation after he collided with a Jeep Cherokee on High School Road at Hildebrand Lane. The cyclist was traveling east on High School Road when the Jeep made a left turn onto Hildebrand Lane in front of him. The bicycle struck the Jeep and ejected the rider, whose body slammed into a vehicle waiting at the stop sign on Hildebrand Lane. The driver of the Jeep, a 69-year-old island man, said he didn’t see the cyclist when he made his turn. The cyclist complained of neck and hip pain.

Vehicle prowl: A laptop and Sony digital camera were reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked at a High School Road school. The laptop was valued at $3,000.