Police Blotter: Island man arrested for “borrowing” car tabs



When police asked a 29-year-old Bainbridge driver why his registration tabs didn’t match his vehicle he told them he was “borrowing” the tabs from a friend. Police arrested the man on Aug. 22 for possession of stolen property.

Also this week, two collisions in two days resulted in two deer fatalities.

The blotter is below:

Aug. 26

Drunken driving: A Bainbridge man was arrested for driving under the influence during a traffic stop on Highway 305. Police stopped the man at 3 a.m. after radar registered his vehicle traveling 64 mph in a 50 mph zone on the highway, near Hidden Cove Road. Police smelled alcohol emanating from the vehicle when they made contact with the driver. The 21-year-old island man failed voluntary field sobriety tests. A breathalyzer test indicated his blood alcohol content was .101. The legal limit is .08. The man was cited for driving under the influence.

Aug. 25

Paraphernalia: Police stopped a vehicle with broken taillights on Highway 305 near High School Road at about 12:30 a.m. Police noted an odor of marijuana as they contacted the driver, an 18-year-old Seattle man. A pipe was visible under the passenger seat. Police searched the vehicle, finding a baggie of what appeared to be marijuana, a small grinder, a bottle of cinnamon flavored whiskey and a bottle of vodka. The driver was cited for possession of paraphernalia and minor in possession of alcohol.

Aug. 23

Collision: A vehicle driven by a Fall City man collided with a deer on Highway 305 north of Sportsman Club Road at 9:20 a.m. The vehicle sustained heavy front end damage and was towed. The wounded deer was dispatched by an off-duty officer.

Fraud: A 41-year-old Bainbridge man reported being defrauded by a man posing as a rental house owner in Denver. The Bainbridge man was in the process of moving to Denver when he responded to an ad for a rental home. The purported landlord told the Bainbridge man he was in the Philippines for work, but would accept a $900 deposit and ship the rental keys when the money was received. The Bainbridge man wired the deposit to the Philippines but didn’t receive the keys. He called police after the purported owner demanded another $900 payment.

Aug. 22

Theft: Police noted a car with expired plates but current registration tabs in a parking lot on Parfitt Way. A registration check showed the tabs did not match the vehicle. Police contacted the vehicle’s owner, a 29-year-old Bainbridge man, who told them he’d recently renewed his registration by “taking all the things down to DOL.” When pressed about the mismatched tabs the man at first said he was “borrowing” the 2013 sticker from a friend, then admitted to stealing them it in Seattle. He told police he didn’t have the money to renew. He was issued a criminal citation for possession of stolen property.

Collision: A Honda driven by a Bainbridge woman collided with a deer on Highway 305 near Reitan Road at about 9 a.m. The vehicle sustained front end damage. Police located the injured deer and dispatched it with a service weapon.