Police Blotter: ‘Telepathic’ woman arrested for dog theft


A 74-year-old island woman told police she was “telepathically” instructed to take a dog from a Madison Avenue home on Aug. 9. She was arrested nonetheless.

Also this week, an unruly dog enraged a man on a mule, and a smelly surprise on a porch escalated a domestic dispute.

The blotter is below.

Aug. 11

Paraphernalia: Twenty used syringes were found in the backpack of a 27-year-old Bainbridge man contacted by police outside a High School Road business. Police were investigating a report of two suspicious men in the store parking lot shortly after 10 p.m. The 27-year-old admitted to injecting heroin and said he was taking the syringes to a needle exchange in Bremerton. Police confiscated the paraphernalia and a report was forwarded to prosecutors for possible charging.

Trespass: Police interrupted an apparent burglary in progress at a city-owned well house off Sands Avenue. City employees contacted police at 8:20 a.m. after an alarm at the facility was activated. A 41-year-old Poulsbo man was found standing just outside the fence on city property. He told police he was looking for his dog but answered questions evasively. Police contacted a second man who was sitting with a dog at a nearby ball field. He told police he’d been walking the dog with the Poulsbo man that morning. Further inspection of the water facility revealed that a hole had been cut in the fence and a lock had been clipped from a storage container used to store metal fittings. City employees said it didn’t appear any equipment was missing. The Poulsbo man was cited for trespass.

Aug. 10

Assault: A 46-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested after punching his 29-year-old former roommate in the face at a Winslow restaurant. The 29-year-old reported the altercation at 4 p.m. He told police he was in an ongoing dispute with the 46-year-old who he’d previously shared a house with. He said the older man believed he owed him money, while he’d accused the older man of stealing medical marijuana from his room when they lived together. The 29-year-old told police the two men had begun yelling at each other outside a Parfitt Way restaurant that afternoon, and the older man had punched him in the cheek. The older man then reportedly climbed into his pickup truck and shouted “this isn’t over yet!” before driving north on Madison Avenue. Police found the suspect at his home. He admitted to the altercation but said he’d just “kind of fell into” the victim. Police arrested the man for domestic violence. He was booked into Kitsap County jail on $5,000 bail.

Aug. 9

Theft: Police arrested a 74-year-old Bainbridge woman for stealing a dog from a Madison Avenue home, though the woman told police she’d been “telepathically” instructed to take the animal. The owner of the dog was visiting Whidbey Island when her daughter on Bainbridge alerted her the dog was missing. The owner called police and told them she knew who had probably taken the animal. The owner said a woman had been pestering her to give her the 12-year-old Brussels Griffon for the last year, saying she’d dreamed that she and the dog were meant to be together. Police located the woman at her south-island home and found the dog in her garage. The 74-year-old told police the dog’s owner had contacted her mentally and told instructed her to take the animal. She asked police if they too were “telepathic.” Police arrested the woman for theft. She was booked into Kitsap County jail on $10,000 bail. The dog was returned home.

Domestic disturbance: A report of a domestic disturbance drew police to a Lynwood Center Road home at 12:43 a.m. A couple in their late 30s had been in a dispute, but gave police conflicting stories. Each said they’d been threatened by the other. The girlfriend said she’d returned home that day to find human feces on the porch, which she believed were deposited by her boyfriend. Her story was corroborated by a stain on a porch rug. The boyfriend was coy when questioned about the excrement and blamed their dogs. Police forwarded a report to prosecutors for review.

Aug. 6

Collision: A 19-year-old Bainbridge woman told police she was distracted by dried paint on her legs when her Volkswagen Jetta rear ended a Jeep Cherokee on northbound Highway 305. The driver of the Jeep, a 55-year-old Pouslbo woman, complained of arm pain. The Bainbridge driver was cited.

Malicious mischief: A Diamond Place resident reported his house had been egged twice in the last few days by unknown persons in a car. He estimated the cleanup cost at $250.

Aug. 5

Threats: Police contacted an 81-year-old Agate Pass Road resident who said he’d been accosted by a neighbor riding a mule. The 81-year-old explained he often walks his dog on a leash in the neighborhood and the dog sometimes barks loudly at walkers and joggers, but doesn’t bite. He said his dog had recently barked at a man riding a mule on the shoulder of the road and the rider became angry. The rider reportedly yelled that he would kick “both your asses,” referring to the man and his dog. The rider dismounted from his mule and began to cross the road toward the dog walker, but neighbors intervened. The man remounted the mule and rode away. Police contacted the man at his home. He admitted to losing his temper but said the dog was out of control and dangerous. The case was recorded and a report was sent to Animal Control.

Aug. 4

Theft: A 2006 Raleigh C200 bicycle went missing from a shed on Battle Point Drive. Residents said they’d heard a car idling outside their home the night before but didn’t notice the bike missing until the next morning.

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