Police Blotter: Passerby tucks pillow under roadside drunk


A drunken woman napping alongside a Winslow street was treated to a little kindness from a stranger this week. Police who were called to assist the sleeping woman found that an unknown passerby had tucked a pillow under the woman’s head.

Also this week, a woman rearranged a man’s face with a mighty kick, a septic worker survived being run over by a tractor and a man informed police that he had been “choked to death” by his roommate.

The blotter is below.

July 21
Theft: A Bainbridge taxi driver reported that a customer stole his cell phone near the Highway 305-Madison Avenue intersection just after 8 p.m. The driver, a Poulsbo resident, said the suspect paid his $7 fare and then grabbed the his iPhone, which was sitting near the front passenger seat. He then ran away on foot. He was described as white with black hair, about 5 foot 9 inches tall and in his early 20s or teens. He appeared intoxicated. Police searched the area but did not find the suspect. The phone was valued at $200.

July 20
Assault: A 54-year-old Bainbridge woman was arrested for beating a 56-year-old Edmonds man at a Marshall Road home just after midnight. The victim’s nose was cut and bleeding, and it appeared a portion of his nose was missing. He had a large cut on his forehead and “lump (that) was the approximate size of a racquetball,” according to an officer. The victim also had a cut near an eye. He told police that he had come to the suspect’s house for a “poker night.” They were drinking beer and playing card games with three other people when the suspect became angry about family problems. The suspect kicked the victim in the face when he tried to calm her. Another person at the house then pushed the victim to the ground. Police found a “large amount of blood” on the ground outside the house. The suspect had blood on her pants, a swollen foot and chipped toenail polish, indicating she had kicked the victim. She was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard. The victim was treated by medics at the scene.

July 19
Theft: Prescription drugs, an iPod Touch and a checkbook were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked at the Bainbridge Grange Hall on Madison Avenue during the morning.

Theft: A Manchester man reported that his three crab pots were stolen off Beans Point sometime during the last few days. Losses were estimated at $300.

Drunk: A woman was found intoxicated and lying alongside Lovell Avenue just before 6 p.m. A passerby had put a pillow under her head. She had a half empty can of beer next to her. She was taken to a nearby hospital.

July 18
Theft: About $35 worth of gas was siphoned from an unlocked car parked near Sands Avenue.

Run over: A 64-year-old Hansville man was injured when he was run over by a tractor at a McDonald Avenue farm just before 10 a.m. He and the tractor operator were leveling sand covering a septic drain field. The operator said he accidentally backed over the man. A one-foot-deep impression was left in the sand where the man had been run over. The man complained of severe pain in his left hip. He was flown to Harborview Hospital in Seattle.

July 16
Theft: A Kallgren Road resident discovered her wedding and engagement rings missing from her jewelry box while cleaning out a closet. She valued the rings at $16,000.

July 15
Rollover: A 20-year-old Kirkland man was taken to Harborview Medical Center after rolling his Subaru station wagon on Finch Road. A witness told police the Subaru was traveling northbound at about 6 p.m. when it drifted into a ditch at the intersection with Sportsman Club Road. The vehicle struck a culvert and rolled onto its roof. Police noted an odor of marijuana drifting from the vehicle. The driver admitted to smoking marijuana earlier that evening and was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

Theft: A kayak was reported stolen from a rack at a condominium complex on Grow Avenue. The kayak had a red top and white hull.

Theft: Ten sandwich boards valued at $100 each were stolen from the area of Sands Avenue. The boards were announcing an artist’s sale and the owner told police he had a city permit to advertise on the street.

July 14
Assault: Police were called to a Parfitt Way marina at 5:52 a.m. when a 53-year-old boat owner claimed his 52-year-old boat mate had assaulted him after he tried to kick the man off his boat. The boat owner told police his tenant had “choked him to death,” though police found no signs of injury to the boat owner’s neck. Police attempted to contact the tenant but found him asleep and unresponsive on board the boat. The boat owner advised police the tenant was “drunker than a skunk.” Police instructed the owner on the formal eviction process and forwarded a report to prosecutors for review.

Crash: A 59-year-old Seattle man crashed his heavily loaded bicycle on NE Valley Road shortly after 3 p.m. and was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center. The cyclist was traveling at nearly 30 mph when his bike began to shimmy and he was ejected over the handlebars, a witness told police. The man lost consciousness for several minutes and was confused when he awoke.

July 12
Found: Women’s prescription eyeglass found on Madison Avenue were turned in to the police station. They were placed into evidence for safekeeping.

July 11
Malicious mischief: The Bainbridge harbormaster reported vandalism at Waterfront Park. Pamphlets had been strewn about inside the information kiosk and a cover was broken off a light on the city dock.

Crab poachers: Police on marine patrol pulled four recreational crab pots on July 10 and 11 for violating the state’s Tuesday and Wednesday crab closures. The pots were found in waters near Restoration Point, Blakely Harbor, Rockaway Beach and Sunrise Drive. Crabs found inside the pots were released and the registered owners were cited.

Harassment: A 48-year-old resident of an Ericksen Avenue apartment complex told police she believed her sister’s grown children had poisoned her dog. She said she’d seen her niece feeding her dog before it became ill for several days. She could provide no other evidence of a crime but said she was in an ongoing feud with her sister’s family. The dog made a full recovery. Police advised the woman to call 911 if she felt threatened in the future.

Theft: A sandwich board advertising a summer arts camp went missing from Winslow Way East. It was valued at $300.

July 10
Collision: The driver of a Jeep Cherokee failed to yield at the intersection of Sportsman Club Road and High School Road and collided with a Honda sedan shortly before 7 p.m. The collision forced the Honda into a third vehicle stopped at the intersection. No injuries were reported. The driver of the Jeep was cited.

Theft: An Eagle Harbor Lane resident reported a canoe missing from his property. The 17-foot, Old Town fiberglass canoe was valued at $1,700.

Theft: A purse was reported stolen from a counter at a Sportsman Club Road school at about 9:30 a.m. The owner said the bag contained about $1,000 worth of items, including prescription glasses and a digital camera.

July 4
Assault: A clam digger was accused of pushing a woman to the ground after she and her parents told him to leave their tidelands near Sunrise Drive. According to the property owner, he confronted the the digger and his companions with a computer print-out of a state law indicating that they could not harvest shellfish near his home. He said the digger, a Mercer Island man, pushed his daughter, a Seattle resident, when she became involved in the confrontation. The digger told police that the property owner had thrown his clamming equipment into the water. He then felt someone grabbing him. When he resisted, he saw the woman fall to the ground. Police said it appeared the clam diggers were in compliance with state shellfish harvesting rules. The diggers agreed not to clam on or near the man’s property. A report was sent to the county prosecutor for possible assault and trespassing charges.