Poll: What do you think of the verdict in the Ostling trial?

After listening to 11 days of testimony and deliberating the the better part of three days, a federal jury took a middle path with their verdict on Friday.

Of the four main claims made in the lawsuit by the parents of Douglas Ostling, the mentally ill man who was fatally shot by Bainbridge police in 2010, the jury agreed with just one – that the Bainbridge Island Police Department failed to properly train officers in how to deal with the mentally ill. The jury awarded the Ostlings $1 million.

The jury disagreed with claims that officers illegally entered the Ostling family’s home, used unnecessary force and failed to render aid to the wounded Douglas Ostling.

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One thought on “Poll: What do you think of the verdict in the Ostling trial?

  1. This “chicken” decision by the jury renders it as irresponsible as the Kitsap County Prosecutor, BIPD and former COBI city manager.

    Shame on this jury for finding that the BIPD did not illegally enter the Ostling family home, use excessive force and indeed prevent the rendering of aid to the wounded Doug Ostling for 1 1/2 hours during which he bled to death.


    This decision of the jury and whomever allowed them to become jury members in the first place are appalling!

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