Police Blotter: Cat causes shoulder-cracking crash


A cyclist suffered serious injuries when he tried to avoid a cat scampering across the road.

Also in this week’s blotter, an angry man insulted two police officer’s hairdos and challenged them to fire a Taser at him.

Blotter’s below.

June 3
Burglary: A Strawberry Hill Park snack stand off High School Road was broken into sometime during the night. The stand, which is operated by Bainbridge Island Little League, was found to be missing two small refrigerators, a popcorn machine and an unknown amount of cash taken from a till. Also missing were many candies, numerous cans of soda and other beverages. It appeared entry was gained by prying open a rollup door.

June 2
Crash: A 15-year-old Bainbridge girl suffered a minor head injury after she lost control of her bicycle and crashed into a ditch along Sands Road just after 4:30 p.m. She was not wearing a helmet. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

June 1
Crash: A Bainbridge man fell asleep while driving, causing his pickup truck to hit an unoccupied car on the side of Peterson Hill Road just before 10:30 p.m. The man had consumed alcohol nearly two hours before the crash, but police did not believe he was impaired. He was cited for inattentive driving. No injuries.

May 31
Theft: Two children’s bicycles were stolen from an apartment complex on High School Road over the last two days. Both bikes were unlocked.

May 29
Crash: A 68-year-old Bainbridge man suffered a broken shoulder, head contusion and several scrapes after he crashed his bicycle on Oddfellows Road at around 2:20 p.m. The man said he lost control of his bike after swerving to avoid a cat. The man was wearing a helmet. He was riding at about 30 mph. A passing motorist drove the man to a local clinic. He was then taken to a Seattle hospital.

May 28
Assault: A 39-year-old Bainbridge man acted in a threatening manner toward police and may have assaulted his girlfriend at a Yeomalt Point Drive home just before 11:30 p.m. The suspect had called police to report that his girlfriend, a 29-year-old Kingston woman, had broken windows at his home. The suspect and the woman appeared intoxicated. The suspect “had a surliness about him,” an officer reported. The woman told police they had been drinking since noon and began arguing about their relationship. She admitted throwing a tablespoon that broke a window. The suspect told police she broke the window with a rock but police didn’t believe him. He became agitated, telling them he was recording them with his cell phone and that he had a lawyer on the line. The suspect mentioned a Bainbridge officer he knows, saying the officer is his “boy” and could vouch for his “character.” The suspect began yelling and accused a female officer of taking the woman’s side. He demanded that the officers leave and made fun of their hairstyles. He slammed a glass door, breaking it, and then charged at the woman while yelling. He kicked at the woman but it was unclear whether he struck her. An officer pointed her Taser at the suspect and ordered him to calm down. The suspect dared her to fire and brought up the police’s reputation and the fatal police shooting two years ago of a mentally-ill man. The suspect continued to yell and insult the officers. The woman curled up into a ball and was crying. The two officers drove her away from the scene but realized she had no shoes or wallet. The officers were ordered not to return due to the likelihood that the suspect would assault police. The woman confirmed that the man kicked her. She was taken to a friend’s house. The suspect called police four times, making threats and demanding to know the woman’s whereabouts. A background check indicated he was arrested for assault in 2009. A report for possible assault charges was sent to the county prosecutor.

May 27
Boat aground: The Coast Guard asked Bainbridge police to check on a boat aground off the east shore of the island. The skipper of the 25-foot sailboat was reportedly attempting to use a rowing dinghy to tow the vessel off the rocks. Police on shore spotted the mired boat between Fay Bainbridge Park and Brackenwood Lane at about 4:30 p.m. The mariner appeared safe onboard the sailboat and a flood tide was beginning to float the vessel.

Theft: Two hubcaps were reported stolen from a Chevrolet Blazer on the 500 block of Madison Avenue at 3:30 p.m. The Chevy’s owner said some undesirable people had been hanging around his apartment complex lately and he wanted the theft recorded. Police were unable to determine whether the hubcaps had been removed or fallen off.

May 26
Mischief: The owner of a summer home on Rolling Bay Walk NE reported his picket gate had been damaged.

Theft: An iPod was stolen from the backyard of a home in the Commodore neighborhood. The homeowner told police she’d gone out for a few hours that afternoon and left the iPod playing in a speaker dock in her yard, which is near the Bainbridge High School grounds. The woman returned to find the dock laying on the ground and the iPod missing. Police found shoe prints in the dirt but no other clues.

Theft: A broken lawn mower was reported stolen from an Arrow Point Drive home at about 3:30 p.m.

Suspicious situation: Reports of a man yelling in the street drew police to the corner of Madison Avenue and Wallace Way shortly after 3 a.m. Police contacted a man who appeared to be intoxicated and told them he’d been drinking at a Winslow bar with his brother and a friend. The trio had continued drinking at an apartment complex on Madison Avenue but the night’s revelry had taken a sour turn and some “Mexican men” were now holding his brother in an apartment against his will. The man’s equally intoxicated friend arrived on the scene and they guided police to the apartment where they believed the brother was being held. Police were unable to contact anyone inside the apartment and the brother was later located a few blocks south on Madison Avenue. The drinking companions walked to the ferry terminal to catch a boat to Seattle.

May 25
Collision: A 53-year-old Bainbridge driver backed his Range Rover into a Bainbridge Police cruiser at about 9 p.m. in an alley adjacent to City Hall. The Range Rover’s rear bumper and turn signal were damaged but the cruiser was left unscathed.

Malicious mischief: Police on foot patrol at Bainbridge High School at 1:30 a.m. discovered someone had wrapped clear packing tape around a door latch in an attempt to keep the door from locking. It appeared the plot had been abandoned and the door remained secure. Insulting graffiti directed at the Class of 2012 was found on the pavement nearby.

May 24
Identity theft: A 68-year-old island man reported his credit card information was used to make purchases at a Walmart in Houston, Tex. The man said it was the third time this year his credit cards had been used fraudulently.

May 23
Assault: A 43-year-old Bainbridge woman engaged in a shoving match with a 33-year-old Sequim woman in the parking lot of a Sportsman Club Road school. The Bainbridge woman was exchanging car seats with her separated husband at the school following a student performance that evening. A verbal dispute erupted between the woman and her husband’s female companion and the confrontation escalated to pushing and hair-pulling. The two women were separated and police were called. A report was forwarded to prosecutors for review.

Car vs. deer: A Kia Soul struck and killed a deer on northbound Highway 305 near Day Road at midnight. The driver, a 26-year-old Gig Harbor woman, said the deer ran onto the roadway in front of her vehicle and she was unable to miss it. The Kia sustained heavy front end damage.

Harassment: A 39-year-old Bainbridge woman reported being continually harassed by a caller from Mexico. She said the caller shares a Mexican condominium complex with her father-in-law and claimed her father-in-law’s dog had attacked his dog. The man called her Bainbridge home repeatedly, demanding payment for a vet bill in increasingly profane language. Police left a message on the man’s cell phone and the case was recorded.

Malicious mischief: A 65-year-old Madison Avenue resident told police she believed her neighbors had flattened the tire of her car in retaliation for her reporting them for a noise violation. Police could find no evidence the car’s tire had been purposefully popped. The case was recorded.