Snow blankets Bainbridge Island

Almost five inches of snow blanketed the island on Wednesday, shutting down schools, cancelling city meetings and keeping many slick roads clear of traffic.

As of 5 p.m., the Bainbridge Island Fire Department had responded to just three weather-related calls.

“People stayed indoors and limited their driving, and I think that helped,” Fire Chief Hank Teran said.

The only reported vehicle accident was a Tuesday night rollover on New Brooklyn Road. The family inside the vehicle suffered no injuries, according to Bainbridge police.

Teran said someone suffered a fractured ankle due to a snow-related fall.

Firefighters responded to a report of power lines down on Lafayette Avenue.

No significant power outages were reported, and no roads were closed.

Teran said the department was bracing itself for the evening commute, when driving conditions could be more difficult.

A light dusting of snow is predicted for late Thursday morning.

Winslow’s winter wonderland

Judy Rutberg-Self skis Winslow Way. Photo: Tristan Baurick

Winslow Way was almost completely clear of traffic on Wednesday morning.

Several islanders were huddled around hot coffees at Blackbird Bakery at 9 a.m.

Judy Rutberg-Self cross-country skied to Blackbird for her morning fix.

“I’ve got to have my latte,” she said while clipping back into her skis for the one-mile return trip.

Delivery driver Tor Bak didn’t find it so easy getting home after stops at Blackbird and other Winslow bakeries. His semi truck and trailer were stuck at the icy Winslow Way-Bjune Drive intersection for several minutes.

“This is going to take a long time,” Bak said as he began attaching chains to his tires.

By late morning, Winslow began bustling with islanders who had left their cars at home.

“Looks like you’re some of the hearty folks who made it to town,” Wildernest employee Ranger Sciacca said to a couple as they entered the outdoor supply store.

Sciacca said customers were popping in for warm hats, scarves and long underwear.

Maintenance worker Glen Doremire shoveled snow from the sidewalk outside Winslow Mall for the estimated 20th year.

“This is minor,” he said of the snow.

With few cars venturing downtown, Winslow Way became prime sledding ground.

Still, the novelty of sliding through mainstreet was lost on young Oliver Gutsche-Smith, who pouted about the cold while his dad, Chris Gutsche, pulled his sled with a beaming smile.

Brian Wood also grumbled about the snow as he pushed his mountain bike through untouched drifts.

“I’m probably gonna crash,” he said.

Jogger Joshua Michael had no problem with the snowy weather.

“It’s great,” he said as he ran through Waterfront Park. “It’s really peaceful.”

Joshua Michael jogs through a snowy Waterfront Park. Photo: Tristan Baurick