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Rolfes gets her new Senate appointments

Newly-anointed state Senator Christine Rolfes was named to Senate education, environment and transportation committees this week.

Rolfes, who is taking over the Senate seat vacated by fellow Bainbridge Islander Phil Rockefeller, said the committees are a good match with the work she did in the state House of Representatives.

For more information, read the press release below.

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Police Blotter: Gunshots outside a Winslow bar


Below are three weeks worth of blotter items. Over the last week, there was a rash of north-end burglaries (most might have been prevented if people locked their doors, police say) and gunshots were fired outside a Winslow bar.

A big thanks to Tad Sooter for filling in on the blotter while I was on vacation. Tad, who did some great work for the Bainbridge Island Review and the North Kitsap Herald, is now contributing stories to the Bainbridge Islander. Welcome aboard, Tad!

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Fired police examiner turns to blogging

Fired Civil Service Examiner Kim Hendrickson has shifted her efforts for greater police accountability to the blogosphere.

Her new blog, Keep BIPD, Hendrickson lays out her arguments for greater police-hiring oversight, why the police department should remain under local control, and why she filed ethics complaints against two city Civil Service Commission members.

For those just tuning in to the Civil Service Commission controversy, head over here for the firing, here for the fallout and commission member resignations, and here for Hendrickson’s ethics complaints against two commission members.

The City Council will again take up the issue at their Wednesday evening meeting.

Brewery to open on Bainbridge

Poulsbo has four breweries. Bremerton has two and is about to get a third. Kingston has had a brewery for years. Port Orchard’s brewery hasn’t opened yet, but they’ve already broken ground and hosted a mini-brewfest.

And Bainbridge? Not a drop.

Despite its blue-blooded microbrew pedigree (craft beer pioneer Thomas Kemper Brewery started here), Bainbridge has fallen far behind its Kitsap cousins in producing local brews.

Island native Russell Everett is hoping to change that. His Bainbridge Island Brewing Company is set to open this spring in an industrial area along Sportsman Club Road.

He’ll offer a line of five beers to bars and restaurants, and have an on-site taproom for tastings and growler bottle fill-ups.

Everett graduated from law school in 2009 but found there’s more demand for brewing than for lawyering.

“It’s grim right now for law grads,” he said. “But it’s a great time for brewing. We’re in the middle of craft brewing revolution.”

Everett has been brewing at home since 2003 and had a stint as an assistant brewer at a Miami brewery.

He writes about his brewing (and other culinary) adventures at his blog, Everett Cellars.

Bainbridge Island Brewing Company’s initial menu will include a German-style blond, English-style brown, Northwest-style pale ale, India pale and a stout. Everett said the brewery will also include a rotating lineup of experimental and seasonal beers.

Follow the brewery’s progress at its Facebook page.