VIDEO: Port of Bainbridge Island discussion

The Kitsap Sun editorial board had a discussion with advocates for the creation of a Bainbridge post district this week.

They discussed the proposed port’s funding, overlapping services with the city, road end improvements and how the port could make Eagle Harbor more welcoming to out-of-town boaters.

Videos of the discussion are below.



2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Port of Bainbridge Island discussion

  1. Wini:
    How much is this going to cost beyond the “latte a month” you’re claiming? To add water, fuel, power & deep water moorage to this ticket is going to cost a lot of money. What other costs have you failed to address? Management/administrative costs? Who/when/where! And, where is the “revenue” going to go? Into another big pot for wild spending? You site other ports engaging in upland projects. So, this sounds like just more governmental overreaching. I need better agruments to support this port proposal.

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