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VIDEO: At-Large City Council candidates

Click the above video to hear the City Council At-Large candidates’ discussion with the Kitsap Sun editorial board. Topics included the city’s financial challenges, transferring the Winslow water utility to KPUD, how best to manage staff, among other issues.

See the video of the board’s meeting with the Central Ward council candidates here.

The Sun’s endorsements for both races will be in Sunday’s paper.

The deadline for mailing or dropping off ballots for the primary election is Aug. 16.

VIDEO: Central Ward City Council candidates

The four candidates for the City Council’s Central Ward position stopped by the Kitsap Sun office for a discussion with the editorial board. The video of the discussion is above.

John Green, Chris Van Dyk, Joe Levan and David Ward hope to replace Councilman Bill Knobloch, who is not seeking re-election.

The Sun’s endorsements for the Central Ward and At-Large council races will be in Sunday’s paper.

The deadline for mailing or dropping off ballots for the primary election is Aug. 16.

An artful streetside hangout

The popular bench outside Blackbird Bakery has been replaced with one made of Bainbridge wood and brawn.

Island woodworker Steve Trick and blacksmith Ryan Landworth teamed up to build the hand-forged iron and bronze bench for one of Winslow’s most popular streetside hangouts.

The wood was cut from a black locust tree felled on Bainbridge.

Trick and Landworth donated about $3,000 worth of labor and materials to build the 10-foot-long, 600-pound bench for Blackbird.

“It brings a sense of groundedness and an organic feel to Winslow Way,” Landworth said.

Winslow, the “little Beirut?”

King 5 News had a piece late last week about the Winslow Way reconstruction project.

Reporter Eric Wilkinson found only discontent among the shoppers, tourists and business owners he spoke with.

One woman went so far as to call Winslow our “little Beirut.”

Another voice noted that shoppers would need the help of Sacajawea to navigate the maze of construction work.

The video is below.

Police blotter: “Bloody and belligerent” man sent back on the ferry


Police directed a blood- and urine-soaked man back onto the Seattle ferry after he exhibited drunkenness and belligerence at the Winslow ferry terminal.

Also this week, livestock suffered a driveby Roman candle assault, two men were arrested for yelling at tourists and a dad tried to cover up for his son’s drunken driving collision by claiming that he was the driver and that the crash was caused by a wild animal.

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