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Bainbridge Islander on Facebook

Like everything and everyone else (including your grandma and your five-year-old niece), the Bainbridge Islander is now on Facebook.

Unlike this blog, which gets updated once or twice a week (or month), our Facebook page has news updates, links, photos and non-anonymous reader discussions about all things Bainbridge each and every day (except on weekends, and sometimes not on Fridays or when we’re really busy on deadlines).

Get there by following this link: http://www.facebook.com/BainbridgeIslander

You can also find it by entering “Bainbridge Islander” in the Facebook search box.

Oh, and it only works if you’ve setup a personal Facebook account. Might as well if you haven’t already. Your mom, your boss, your ex, your kid’s soccer coach and that guy you sat next to in 10th grade chemistry class are already there, waiting for you. Fun times. Besides, how else are you going to know what that chemistry class guy thinks about the chicken teriyaki salad he just ate?

Police blotter: Shed forcibly transformed into mini bar


A Bainbridge man was surprised this week to find a new lock on his shed. Once entry was regained, the owner discovered that someone had converted the shed into something of a mini bar, complete with a cooler, booze and at least three fruity mixers. Rather than fix himself a drink in celebration of this boozy windfall, the man tossed it all in the trash under the watchful eye of Bainbridge police.

Also this week, a jogger on Ferncliff Avenue threatened to kill a dog, and a drunk driver wished he stayed home and mowed his lawn.

The blotter is below.

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