Daily Archives: April 25, 2011

Appeal in store for Anderson vs. BIPD case

Last week, a judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by former Bainbridge police officer Scott Anderson his wife, Cynthia Anderson, against the Bainbridge police department.

The lawsuit involves a domestic dispute at the officer’s home in which the Cynthia Anderson allegedly threatened to harm herself. The Andersons are sued, saying Cynthia Anderson’s arrest was unjustified and that police involvement in their affairs damaged their relationship and led to Scott Anderson’s resignation from the department.

You can read the story here.

I wasn’t able to reach the Andersons’ lawyers before deadline on Friday, but Cynthia Anderson’s lawyer, John Muenster, got back to me today.

He said emphatically that there would be an appeal of the judge’s decision.

“Yes, we’re definitely going to appeal,” Muenster said, adding that he and his client want a jury trial. “This is a clear case of a violation of constitutional rights.”

In his dismissal, the judge wrote that Bainbridge police had probable cause to arrest Cynthia Anderson. He also wrote that there is no evidence police were intentionally trying to undermine the Andersons’ relationship.

America’s Most Wanted airs Bainbridge segment

On Saturday, America’s Most Wanted aired its segment about fugitive Brad Robinett’s run-in with Bainbridge police.

I wrote about the filming earlier this month.

AMW’s website doesn’t allow video embeds, so you’ll have to find the video here.

RobinettThere’s a high-speed car chase on New Brooklyn, a foot chase in Grand Forest Park and Bainbridge officer Steve Cain makes his acting debut.

Looks like Robinett’s re-enacted kayak escape didn’t make the cut.

Elsewhere on AMW’s website is a trove of background info about Robinett. You can see photos (including the one over to the left of him when he was in the Marines) here. And click here to see photo copies of his personal notes, which include mention of Strawberry Hill and Battle Point parks.

Also, AMW has an extended interview with Cain here.