Police blotter: Pudding burglary


A woman’s home was burglarized this week. All that was taken was pudding. Nothing else, just a bunch of sugar-free pudding.

Also this week, a Bainbridge man who failed to yield to an ambulance tried to get out of a citation by playing the ultimate trump card – the fact that he is a Bainbridge Islander. When the cop went ahead with the citation, the man threatened to take the matter to court. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on effectiveness of the “But I am a Bainbridge Islander” legal defense strategy.

Blotter’s below.

Feb. 2
Blocking: A Bainbridge man was cited for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle on Madison Avenue at 9:20 a.m. At 9 a.m., a medical aid helicopter was landing at Fire Station 21 on Madison to transport someone to a Seattle hospital. Warning signs were flashing outside the station and an ambulance was approaching from New Brooklyn Avenue with full lights and siren. A police officer was also assisting at the scene. While other vehicles stopped and moved off the roadway, a beige sedan continued to drive past the station, delaying the ambulance’s arrival. The officer used her siren to alert the driver, but he continued through the area. The officer pulled the driver over and informed him he failed to yield. He “immediately became hostile and argumentative, saying ‘that’s not true, that’s not true,'” the officer said. The officer “could not get a word in edgewise” as the driver “continued arguing and finger-pointing.” The driver “repeated several times that he was a Bainbridge Islander,” in an attempt to avoid a citation, the officer said. The officer called for backup when the driver continued arguing. “You mean you aren’t going to let me explain myself?” the driver asked. He admitted he saw the ambulance, but stressed that it did not have its lights on and was several yards from the intersection. The officer disagreed, and later confirmed that the ambulance had its siren and lights on for miles before arriving at the station. The driver threatened legal action. After the citation was issued, the officer saw the driver stop at the station. The officer called to warn the staff there. A station employee later told polilce that the driver stopped by to argue that he had yielded for the ambulance.

Feb. 1
Theft: A Mercedes car was reported stolen from a Wing Point Way garage. The car’s keys, which were stored on a wall, were also missing. Police later located the unoccupied car at a parking lot near the Winslow ferry terminal.

Jan. 31
Theft: About $20 in cash was stolen from an unlocked car parked on Euclid Avenue.

Theft: A truck’s tailgate was stolen while it was parked at the Day Road park and ride sometime during the day.

Jan. 30
Burglary: A Bainbridge woman reported that pudding was stolen from her Winslow home’s refrigerator and kitchen cabinet. She believes the pudding was taken during the previous evening when she took her dog out for a walk. The missing pudding was in a prepared state in the fridge and an unprepared state in the cabinet. It was of a sugar-free variety. Police have no suspects.

Theft: About $30 in cash was stolen from an unlocked car parked at Cambridge Crest Way.

3 thoughts on “Police blotter: Pudding burglary

  1. That BI mentality unfortunately is very common on the island…classic examples have been posted here w/ these type of islanders trying to get out of DUI’s or even to board the ferry when it is evident they should have left the house earlier or not have stopped to get their latte’..it is really quite sad the false sense of entitlement they feel the have..

  2. Please publish the name and address of the driver of the beige sedan, that delayed an ambulance, and claimed to have the right to ignore sirens and lights because he’s a “Bainbridge Islander”

    This deserves public humiliation.

  3. I don’t think the sugar-free pudding was stolen. I think it was thrown away. Sugar-free pudding is a crime unto itself.

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