Police blotter: They even took the toilet


This week, an unoccupied house was stripped clean of all its appliances, cabinets, sinks and most of its carpet (they left the part that was peed on). And they even hauled off a toilet.

Also making the blotter were a fair number of drunk drivers, including a Hansville man who admitted to drinking eight beers before swerving and speeding through Winslow.

Blotter’s below.

Jan. 9
Brass knuckles: A Suquamish male was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and brass knuckles during a traffic stop on Highway 305 near Lovgreen Road. An officer pulled the vehicle over after noticing it had a defective headlight. The officer noticed the strong odor of marijuana coming from the car’s interior. The driver admitted she and the other two occupants had smoked marijuana. The vehicle also contained two pit bull dogs. A field sobriety test determined that the driver was not impaired. The male suspect in the car was cited for possession of two marijuana pipes and brass knuckles. The suspect told police he only uses the weapon as a paper weight. When asked why he had his paper weight with him in the vehicle, the suspect declined to answer and requested that police “forget” about the brass knuckles. It was later determined that the suspect has two warrants. He was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Jan. 7
Damaged: A Bainbridge real estate agent reported widespread damage and theft at an unoccupied home on Hidden Heights Lane. Missing items included bathroom, bedroom and kitchen cabinets; kitchen appliances; kitchen and bathroom sinks; bathroom countertops; and a toilet. All carpeting was removed except a basement portion that had the strong odor of urine. Damaged areas included kitchen walls and hardwood floors. Damage and replacement costs were estimated at $100,000. There were no signs of forced entry. The agent said the home has been unoccupied for about a year. It had been foreclosed upon, and police believe the former owners may have committed the crimes.

Jan. 5
Drunk driving: A Hansville male was arrested for drunk driving on Winslow Way near Cave Avenue just after midnight. Police had been alerted to the suspect by someone who had smelled an alcohol odor on the suspect and heard him speak in a slurred manner at the Chevron station on Hildebrand Lane. Police observed the suspect’s vehicle swerve in its lane, fail to stop at a stop sign and fail to signal before turning, and then travel south about 15 mph over the speed limit on Highway 305. Once pulled over, the suspect gave police an expired license and admitted he’d had eight beers at Island Grill’s bar on High School Road before driving. Police reported he had a strong alcohol odor and that he had urinated in his pants. He was taken to the county jail after failing a series of field sobriety tests.

Jan. 4
Crash: A Bainbridge bicyclist was injured when he collided with a vehicle on New Brooklyn Road just before 5:30 p.m. A car driven by a Bainbridge male had entered New Brooklyn from Grizdale Lane when his car collided with the bicycle, which had two bright handlebar lights. The bicyclist, a Bainbridge male, suffered knee injuries and was transported to a hospital. His bicycle’s front wheel was bent. The car driver said he did not see the cyclist. Police cited the driver, but the citation was not specified.

Burglary: An oven hood valued at $2,000 was reported stolen from an empty Country Club Road home.

Jan. 3
Burglary: A purse, credit cards, check books, house and car keys, a smart phone and several other items were reported stolen from a Wing Point Way home sometime during the night. The homeowner does not know if his doors were locked. Police found no signs of forced entry.

Jan. 2
Smoked: A Bainbridge male reported that two smoke bombs were thrown into his unoccupied car while it was parked on Teem Loop Road. The bombs burned holes in the one of the car’s seats and the carpet of hatchback area. The entire car smelled of smoke.

Jan. 1
Drunk driving: A Poulsbo male was arrested for drunk driving on High School Road just before 9:45 p.m. Police were alerted by a witness who observed the suspect’s pickup truck traveling in an erratic manner on Highway 305. The suspect was found in his idling truck in the Ace Hardware parking lot. The suspect had trouble turning off his truck and needed police instruction on how to do so. An officer noted the suspect had the strong odor of alcohol. “After much assistance” and “verbal prompts,” the suspect was able to find his license and vehicle registration. The suspect admitted he’d been drinking in Seattle. When asked how much, the suspect responded “way too much.” He told the officer he had pulled over because he was too drunk to drive. He was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard after failing a field sobriety test.

Theft: A lighted reindeer statue was stolen from a Blakely Avenue home’s yard sometime during the night. Its value was $50.

Drunk driving: An Allyn female was arrested for drunk driving on Highway 305 near the Clearwater Casino shortly after 1 a.m. Bainbridge police assisted Suquamish police in making the arrest. The suspect was pulled over after Suquamish police observed her vehicle swerving in its lane and traveling with its headlights off. The suspect said she was distraught over a fight with a loved one, and had consumed several drinks at the casino over the last seven hours. When asked if she’d submit to a breath test, the suspect responded “I know I’m screwed and going to jail for being drunk so I might as well take it.” She was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Dec. 31
Drunk driving: A male was arrested for drunk driving and underage drinking on Highway 305 at 10:45 p.m. An officer initially noticed the suspect’s vehicle traveling in an erratic manner. An officer could smell the odor of alcohol from eight feet as he approached the vehicle. The vehicle had five occupants, all of which were under the age of 21. The driver failed a series of field sobriety tests. Inside the vehicle, police found a backpack containing a bottle of vodka, two bottles of champagne and three cans of beer. One or more of the containers had leaked, giving the vehicle a strong alcohol odor. One of the vehicle’s occupants admitted the backpack was his. “Just give me my (minor in possession citation) so I can go,” he said. The driver was cited for drunk driving under the age of 21 and released. Police did not disclose where the driver lived, but indicated at least two of his passengers live on Bainbridge.

Drunk driving: A Suquamish female was arrested for drunk driving on Hildebrand Lane just before 12:45 p.m. Police pulled the suspect over for having a broken tail light. An officer noticed the suspect’s vehicle had the odor of alcohol. The suspect denied drinking, despite having slurred speech and trouble understanding why she had been stopped. She was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard after failing a series of field sobriety tests.

Dec. 30
Drunk driving: A Seattle male was arrested for drunk driving and marijuana possession on Highway 305 near Winslow Way just before 8 p.m. Police pulled the suspect over after observing his vehicle swerving and speeding as it headed south past Vineyard Lane. An officer noticed the suspect had the strong odor of alcohol. The suspect told police he was speeding to catch a ferry. Police found a marijuana pipe and a small amount of marijuana in the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard after failing a series of sobriety tests.

Theft: A global positioning unit was reported stolen from a car parked near North Town Loop.

Dec. 29
Theft: An iPod and two DVDs were stolen from an unlocked car parked on High SChool Road sometime during the night.

Burglary: The Bainbridge Teen Center was broken into sometime during the night. It appeared that someone had opened a sliding door and slid under security bars before eating food and making a mess. Broken eggs were found on the kitchen floor and stove top. Several dishes were dirtied by ramen noodles and ham. Outside the building police found empty cans of beer and alcoholic energy drinks. No items appeared missing and no damage was reported. Several prints from more than one person were found on the beer cans and other items.

Drunk driving: A Bremerton male was arrested for drunk driving on Lovgreen Road just before 12:30 a.m. Police were alerted by a witness who saw the suspect’s vehicle swerving on Highway 305. An officer found the suspect parked in a driveway and talking on his cell phone. The suspect had the strong odor of alcohol and walked in a “zig-zag” manner after exiting his vehicle. He denied drinking alcohol but police found an open container of an alcoholic energy drink and a lime-flavored vodka beverage in his vehicle. Breath test samples indicated the suspect was well beyond the legal limit. A background check revealed the suspect had been arrested for drunk driving 11 days earlier. He was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard.