Police blotter: All he wants for Christmas are his two front teeth (and heroin)

This week, a scissors-wielding man had his front false teeth knocked out during a Christmas party beat down. During a search of his pockets, police found used syringes and a spoon coated in heroin. The man denied using heroin anytime recently, saying he only keeps the syringes and spoon just in case he should happen upon the drug. And then he said what I will nominate as the Bainbridge police blotter quote of 2010: “It’s like carrying a condom, you never know when you’ll need one.”

Also this week, a landlord was accused of breaking and entering, stealing hundreds of dollars in cash…and leaving behind a Christmas present and greeting card.

Blotter’s below.

Dec. 25
Assault: A Bainbridge male was arrested for assault, heroin possession and drug paraphernalia possession on Carmella Lane just before 11:20 p.m. The suspect reportedly charged at a man and a woman with a pair of scissors during a Christmas party. The man struck the suspect, knocking out his false front teeth. The suspect was bleeding from his mouth and had an abrasion on his neck when police arrived. He declined medical attention. At least two people at the home appeared intoxicated, including the suspect. The home was in “complete disarray” with overturned furniture and items strewn about, police said. The suspect told police he had only used the scissors to repair his teeth, and denied using it as a weapon. The man told police he struck the suspect in self defense. Police found four syringes and a spoon rolled into a sock in the suspect’s pants pocket. The syringes appeared to have been used several times, and had brown residue that was later determined to be heroin. The spoon had the same residue. The suspect confirmed he is a heroin user and that the items were used to inject heroin. The suspect stressed that he hadn’t used heroin in “a long time,” and that he carries the items “just in case” he comes across the drug. “It’s like carrying a condom, you never know when you’ll need one,” he told police. Police later learned the suspect had a drug warrant from another county. He was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Dec. 24
Crash: A Bainbridge male drove his Honda Accord car through a ticket booth stop bar at the Winslow ferry terminal just before 9 p.m. It was raining heavily and the car had a tinted strip on the windshield, obscuring the driver’s view.

Dec. 22
Harassed: A Bainbridge male received a threatening phone call in which an unknown male caller said “I know people. I can make you disappear.” The victim believes the caller may be an associate of an ex-girlfriend. He fears for his life because this person may indeed know people who may carry out the threat.

Dec. 21
Trespass: A Bainbridge female reported that her Port Ludlow landlords cut a padlock on her Highway 305 home, took $800 in cash and left her a Christmas present and a greeting card. The cash was in an envelope on the victim’s desk. The victim said the landlords have entered without permission several times in the past. She noted that she intends to move out and had already paid last month’s rent in advance. The cash, she said, was intended to pay for her next rental. One of the landlords told police that they entered to investigate possible fire dangers. He denied taking the cash.

Burglary: Approximately 60 music CDs and 8 DVDs were reported stolen from a Parfitt Way apartment. The victim believes her door was locked.

Dec. 20
Burglary: A Wing Point Way home was burglarized while its residents were out of town. Missing items included a laptop computer, cell phone, cosmetics bag and several pieces of jewelry. All doors except one had been locked.

Dec. 17
Wrapped: A Bainbridge female found that her car had been completely wrapped with cling wrap and yellow caution tape, and plastered with wet cookies while it was parked at Lynwood Center. Three teenage girls drove up in a jeep while the victim inspected the mess. The girls “sheepishly” admitted they’d wrapped the car, thinking it was someone else’s. The girls helped remove the wrappings. A deep scrape was later noticed on the car’s body, likely from the cling wrap box’s built-in blade. The victim said she will avoid pressing criminal charges if the girls agree to rectify the damage.