A new job, a lot like the old job

It’s about time I let you all know I have a new job.

It started Nov. 28, but as you can tell from my continued coverage of Bainbridge and my presence here on this blog, the new job is a lot like the old job.

I still cover Bainbridge (although I do it mostly from Bremerton), and I still work for the Kitsap Sun.

The difference is I’m now a full-time staffer, which means I get business cards and a computer and a nice little cubicle in this cheerful place reporters here lovingly call the Sungeon. Get it? Sun + Dungeon = Sungeon. It’s a fun place.

And I’m also spending a bit of my time (say around 25 percent) covering parts of North Kitsap: Kingston, Port Gamble, Hansville and that hotbed of action and intrigue, Eglon.

My most recent North Kitsap story was this profile of Icelandic ice cream makers in Poulsbo. I also shot the video that’s linked to it. That’s another new thing about the job – shooting videos and shooting more photos.

I am also doing my part to clear Bremerton’s streets of dog carcasses. But that’s another story.

I have a new e-mail address: tbaurick@kitsapsun.com, and a new phone number: (360) 792-9212.

5 thoughts on “A new job, a lot like the old job

  1. Congratulation Tristan — you have been doing a great job covering “Our Island” beat and you deserve a promotion to full-time. Keep up the good work. Remember: the press is the watch dog, not the lap dog.


  2. Congrats Tristan. I actually thought about you today while running to the Pouslbo post office on a work related errand. The site of the old armory is completely gone…poof! Only an empty lot with a bunch of straw on the ground.

    Also bug Gardner for the picture of the newly placed 3 hour parking sign and associated parking spaces in front of the Poulsbo Post Office. 3-hour parking right in front of the drive up mail receptical that is located on the wrong side of the street for the driver to access when they pull up.

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