City meetings back on the (digital) air

Bainbridge’s public access station may be gone, but live video coverage of the city’s meetings will continue.

Less than a week after Bainbridge Island Television broadcast its last city meeting, the city had a web-streaming system up and running.

The first webcast from the city’s website was last night.

City information technology manager Steve Miller, who was manning a computer and joystick in the spot where BITV’s equipment used to be, said the new system works well. From his compact command center, Miller was able to manage two remote-control cameras mounted on tripods. The glitches and delays prevalent in BITV’s web streaming were not a problem for the city’s system because City Hall has a higher-capacity Internet connection.

The meeting video was archived on the city’s website shortly after the webcast. You can view it here. Click on “video.” Mac users may have to download Flip4Mac to view the video.

The city is finalizing a short-term agreement with Bremerton Kitsap Access Television to also air the meetings on cable, probably on Channel 12 or 22, which have gone black after BITV shut down on Monday.

2 thoughts on “City meetings back on the (digital) air

  1. Where there is a will, there is a way. Also, necessity is the Mother of Invention. COBI should have done this 2 years ago when Port Orchard went this direction. Glad to hear COBI is hustling on this one. Kudos.

    COBI should also have their audio link of past meetings easily accessible.

    Let’s also have BKAT telegraph some of their regular programming to our gone-black 12/22. Let’s see what that Blue-color town south of us airs on their BKAT. You will realize what BITV was not providing.