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One thought on “Profiling an island icon

  1. This is a wonderful well written profile of an extraordinary man whose like is seldom seen anymore. As we play with our iPads and smartphones, watch our streaming videos, stretch our credit to keep up with the Joneses and make nasty comments about the people from our community trying to govern us we are here presented with a man in our midst of a noble character and fortitude typical of those who established and built this country.
    Unfortunately, it is also a classic example of the old adage that hard cases make bad law. Many perhaps would not begrudge giving Mr. Ullin free moorage in appreciation of his giving back to the community but the conundrum is how to do so without rewarding those in the harbor who are not such good neighbors.
    I don’t know the economics or politics of the Island’s history museum but it seems to me that Mr.Ullin would make an excellent adjunct teacher who might share insights into his lifestyle in return for free space for his tugboat home.

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