Police blotter: Gun vs. crowbar standoff


This week, an old man with a crowbar takes on a young man with a gun, a drunk woman pummels a house with rocks, and a Seattle man denies punching a Bainbridge man into unconsciousness but complains of pain in his blood-smeared knuckles.

Blotter’s below.

Oct. 18
Drunk driving: A 25-year-old Seattle woman was arrested for drunk driving on Miller Road just before 2 a.m. The suspect was initially pulled over for swerving in her lane. The suspect, who had the strong odor of alcohol, initially told police she had a glass of wine but later said “one or two beers.” The suspect was transported to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Oct. 16
Drunk: A 44-year-old Bainbridge woman was arrested for trespassing and being in control of a vehicle while intoxicated near Komedal Road at 2:40 a.m. Police were initially called to the scene on a report of a home burglary in progress. Police found a silver car in the driveway of the home. Noticing the brake lights on, an officer ordered the driver to exit. The officer drew his gun and ordered the suspect to lay on the ground before applying handcuffs. The home’s owner told police that he heard a car pull into his driveway. He then heard yelling as someone attempted to enter his house from the front door. The suspect then reportedly began throwing rocks at the house while yelling. The homeowner realized the suspect was his ex-wife and tried to calm her down. He told police he has a protection order barring the suspect from coming to his house. The suspect faces possible additional charges of violating a domestic violence order and attempted burglary.

Assault: A 44-year-old Seattle man was arrested for assaulting a Bainbridge male at the Chevron gas station on Hildebrand Lane just before 1:15 a.m. Police found two males laying on the ground outside the station when they arrived at the scene. The victim’s head was surrounded by a pool of blood. His nose had been broken and it appeared he had lost consciousness. Police determined that the pair had argued at a nearby bar. Their argument continued as one followed the other out of the bar and across the street to the gas station. A witness said he saw the suspect sitting on the victim’s chest while repeatedly punching his face. The suspect said the victim’s injuries may have been caused by a fall. “I don’t even know if I hit him; maybe he fell,” the suspect said. He suffered no serious injuries but did note pain in his knuckles, which were covered in blood. He was transported to the county jail in Port Orchard. The victim was taken to a hospital.

Oct. 15
Drunk driving: A Bainbridge male was arrested for drunk driving on Highway just before midnight. An officer initially noticed the suspect swerving in his lane, nearly hitting a guard rail. Once pulled over, the suspect took two minutes to thumb through a stack of 12 cards before finally recognizing his drivers license. The suspect told police he drank one beer. The suspect refused to take a field sobriety test. He was transported to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Oct. 13
Threatened: A tenant threatened his landlord with a handgun during an argument at the tenant’s Fletcher Bay Road home just before 10:30 a.m. The landlord, a 73-year-old man, had armed himself with a crowbar and was yelling at the tenant to leave the property. The tenant, a 25-year-old man, said he armed himself with the handgun once he saw the crowbar. The two came as close as three feet but neither raised their weapon, they told police. Police confiscated both weapons. The pistol was not loaded. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor.