New Poll: Should the Bainbridge court move to Poulsbo?

What do you think about the proposal to move the Bainbridge municipal court to a shared court facility in the new Poulsbo City Hall?

See the previous POST for the pros and cons, and then cast your vote over to the right.

As for our last poll about the Moran School theater building, head down below for the results…

It looks like most people would like to see the old Moran School theater building become a Bainbridge link in the McMenamins chain. The idea of having the four-story Rolling Bay building become a brew pub/hotel drew 31 percent of the vote.

Coming in second, with 18 percent, was a performing arts venue.

The idea of converting the building into a campus for the Bainbridge Graduate Institute had a strong early showing but then fell to third place with 16 percent of the vote.

Turning it into a B&B got 10 percent and four other options each took 6 percent, including an elementary school and a writers retreat.

6 thoughts on “New Poll: Should the Bainbridge court move to Poulsbo?

  1. The poll options don’t represent the issue completely… we do desperately need to save the money, but as far as I can tell, this won’t save much, if any. At least not immediately.

    I’m all for moving it if it actually saves city a substantial amount of money. But for $15,000… the increased cost to the individuals and the environment outweighs the savings.

  2. I vote yes for one reason, accessibility. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to put a courthouse in an area with no bus service, in a rural area that no one can even walk to? brilliant.

  3. Besides all the comments that I have already posted in the original article, I’ll throw this in the mix under the category of “take it for what its worth”. Several people have made note that perhaps this whole getting rid of our island court has more to do with political or personal motivation that what is best for the community. Some feel that perhaps a couple council members are trying to reap retribution on Judge Carruthers as a direct result of her husband’s Winslow Gateway construction project. I do know that a couple of council members that are trying to ramrod this moving of the court down the community’s throat are also heavily involved/favored by the same folks that are against Bill Carruthers. Again, if true it is not the main motivator but you can’t ignore it either.

  4. The Bainbridge Municipal Court is rarely visited by most island citizens. There hasn’t been a jury trial since 2007. Bench trials? Averaging less than 3 a year. Parking infractions are by far the largest number of filings: 2511 in 2009. Less than 1% are contested. Court case load: about 2 a month. Of 1346 traffic infractions, 7% were contested. Case load of about 14 a month. Of 315 criminal cases filed, records show about 1% of those are heard in this Court.

    Anti-harassment and domestic violence are where the Court action is … that was a mind boggling 4.3 cases a month last year.

    Unless I am missing something in the Judicial Information System Reports, the cost of the Municipal Court divided by the cases heard by the Judge equates to roughly $3,200 per case … and most of these are traffic infractions.

    Bottom line perception: Stunningly expensive operation and not a lot going on. The Judge can state 11,200 annual trips were made to the Court, but that would mean a traffic load of some 36 people per case … which again are mostly traffic and parking infraction hearings.
    Doesn’t add up.

    Co-locating the Court to Poulsbo will have very little impact on Bainbridge Island citizens, and it’s a far better facility at a very reasonable 9 miles.

    Make the move.

  5. Robo, let me see if I am following your logic:

    The majority of islanders rarely visit city hall to get a planning permit, or for that matter- most islanders simply don’t visit city hall. Islanders rarely go to public works to get sandbags or gravel to fill potholes (which you are allowed to do). Most islanders rarely go to the police station to get their fingerprints taken to get a job as a teacher or child care worker, or apply for a concealed weapon permit. What amount of cost would you apply to those that do travel to those locations for services? Since the budget for other city departments is many times over that of the court, perhaps $5,000 per person per planning application? $10,000 per person to get a concealed weapons permit or fingerprint card? How ‘bout those sandbags- $20,000 per sandbag?

    Perhaps we should pay a retired hippy $1,000 a month to hold court in his backyard yurt?

    We don’t live in the City of Poulsbo. If I wanted to travel to another city for government services I would just move there. The court (like other island government services) belongs on the island. One can use stats to make any side of an argument. This relocating of a branch of government cannot be based on stat games or personal or political agendas.

  6. Has anyone figured out the true costs of moving the court to Poulsbo? Lost productive work hours, changing the address on all stationary, labor for the actual move? The Bainbridge Island Court House should remain on Bainbridge. Poor planning on Poulsbo’s part on how to fill up their brand new, expensive government building, is NOT Bainbridge Island’s responsibility and it will do Bainbridge Island residents a great disservice to have to go to Poulsbo.

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