Police blotter: “Oh!” says the burglar


In this week’s blotter, a drunk driver thanks police for arresting him, and a sleepy County Park Road resident surprises a burglar in his kitchen.

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Oct. 3
Drunk: A Bainbridge man was arrested for being in control of a vehicle while drunk. The suspect had called 911 from a cell phone just before 6:30 p.m. to report that he was too drunk to drive. The suspect hung up before providing additional information. Police found the suspect in a parked car outside the Island Grill restaurant. He had keys in a hand and appeared to be trying to start the car. The suspect said he had been drinking at a casino and admitted he was too drunk to drive. The suspect stopped short a series of field sobriety tests, saying “I know I’m screwed. I’m too drunk to do this test.” The suspect, who admitted he has long struggled with alcohol use, said he was “glad” to be arrested. It had been “a long time coming,” he said. He was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Damaged: An Aaron Avenue resident reported that his mailbox support structure had been damaged during the night. He estimated the structure’s value at $500.

Oct. 2
Drunk driving: A Bainbridge male was arrested for drunk driving and drug paraphernalia possession shortly after midnight on Highway 305. An officer watched from the police station parking lot as the suspect’s SUV sped along at 20 mph over Winslow Way’s 20 mph speed limit. The officer began following the suspect north on the highway. After activating his emergency lights, the officer saw the suspect’s vehicle rear-end another vehicle and then scrape a guard rail. The suspect continued to speed north, cutting off another vehicle as it passed. The officer activated his siren and repeatedly ordered the suspect to pull over. The officer “was immediately struck by the very strong odor of intoxicants emanating” from the vehicle once it pulled over near Vineyard Lane. The suspect admitted to having consumed “a couple beers” but refused to take a field sobriety test. A search of his SUV produced 6.4 grams of marijuana. The suspect was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Sept. 29
Drunk driving: A Keyport man was arrested for drunk driving on Madison Avenue just before 1 a.m. The suspect’s Jeep was initially pulled over at the Madison-Wyatt Way intersection for failing to signal a turn. The suspect smelled strongly of alcohol. The suspect, who had an Arkansas drivers license, said he had been drinking at a Seattle concert before taking the ferry and driving his vehicle. He was transported to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Sept. 27
Theft: An Arrow Point Drive resident reported that items were taken from two unlocked vehicles parked near her home. Stolen items included a cell phone charger, vehicle registration and an insurance card.

Theft: Gas was taken from three large “work vans” while they were parked near Day Road.

Burglary: A County Park Road resident caught a burglar in his kitchen just before midnight. When confronted, the suspect said “Oh!” and fled out of a window. The suspect was wearing black clothes and a red cap, and appeared to be in his late teens or early 20s. Police searched the area but found no suspects.